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What REALLY happens on your ‘death bed’: Hospice nurse lifts the lid on six ‘unimaginable phenomena’ that occur when a person is just days away from dying

A hospice nurse has revealed the six ‘unimaginable’ things that happen when someone is on their death bed.

Julie McFadden, 41, is a registered nurse based in Los Angeles who specializes in hospice care – and has built a social-media following of millions by sharing insights to help destigmatize the process of ‘death and dying.’

The health expert and author – who previously lifted the lid on the ‘scary things’ that happen when you take your last breath – took to YouTube to once again speak out about the phenomena surrounding death as she confessed that prior to having witnessed these wild things herself, she was ‘uncomfortable’ sharing them.

Julie explained that patients often experienced ‘terminal lucidity,’ ‘hallucinations,’ ‘death stares,’ and more.

At the beginning of the clip, she explained that she never saw any of these six things while working as an ICU nurse, and only began seeing them when she transitioned into hospice care.

She admitted: ‘There are many death bed phenomena and I’ve seen them all, let’s break them down. I want to be clear this doesn’t happen to everyone but it does happen enough that I like to educate about it.

‘As an ICU nurse, I will say I did not experience these things, then coming on to hospice and becoming a hospice nurse I was educated about it and was told to educate families about it, which originally I felt uncomfortable doing because I hadn’t witnessed it myself, and it’s really hard to believe that these things actually happen.

‘But slowly and surely as the years went on and I started seeing things more and more it became apparent that I definitely needed to educate people about it because it happens so often.’

Julie began by explaining the first wild thing that happened at the end of life was terminal lucidity.

She described this as a ‘burst of energy’ that a patient who was nearing death got, adding that it happened ‘very often.’

The nurse admitted that it was unclear why those who were about to die got that energy – adding that you should just ‘enjoy’ the short time with your loved one.

She continued: ‘Just enjoy it and expect that maybe they will die soon after because that’s the kicker with terminal lucidity, it looks like someone’s going to die very soon then suddenly they have a burst of energy.

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