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Profits of Doom

A mainstay of the green lobby in the face of its growing number of critics is that climate sceptics are funded by oil, gas and coal interests. By claiming that commentators such as yours truly are merely the PR front for Big Oil, green campaigners feel that they have excused themselves from the need to make rational arguments. Profit, not reason, they claim, drives scrutiny of the climate agenda. But not only do their accusations lack any evidence, they ignore the much greater flow of money between private interests and green lobbyists. So, what’s in it for them?

If only we were funded by Big Oil, perhaps I would be as wealthy as Britain’s top green officials, such as the outgoing Chief Executive of the U.K. Climate Change Committee (CCC), Chris Stark. The civil servant’s total salary and benefits for the financial year 2020-21 amounted to a whopping £400,000. That’s more than the annual total income for the organisation at number one in the green demonology – the Global Warming Policy Foundation – for four out of the last five years. The CCC’s former Chairman, John Gummer, restyled as Lord Deben, was revealed to have made £600,000 from his business dealings with green companies, which he failed to declare in the register of interests – profits that helped him employ a butler, no less, at his Suffolk mansion. Gummer’s predecessor at the CCC, Lord Adair Turner, saves the planet by heating the swimming pool at his country retreat using solar power.

But as it happens, our alleged fossil fuel overlords are really quite mean. According to green activist sleuths InfluenceMap, the biggest oil companies in the world spend approximately $200 million per year on climate-related propaganda. That’s a lot of money, right? However, despite this being framed as ‘denial’ by InfluenceMap’s coreligionists, the group’s investigations expose no such thing. Rather than finding receipts, InfluenceMap’s analysis merely estimates the costs of its enemies’ advertising and lobbying campaigns – mere guesswork, in other words, forms the backbone of its research. And rather than finding ‘denial’, that analysis includes lobbying in support of Net Zero policies and global agreements. Using actual receipts, not merely estimates, I counted the total grants made by the organisations that fund InfluenceMap to green campaigning organisations. It amounted to over $1.2 billion per year – six times more than InfluenceMap guesses their enemies allegedly spend. And that is not even a remotely exhaustive survey of the green blob.

With so much money sloshing between billionaire philanthropists and ersatz ‘civil society’ organisations, the question must be, what is the quid pro quo? Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, after all. And if one can peddle misinformation on behalf of oil barons, one can peddle great big fat lies for green billionaires too.

Real estate is one of the under-explored issues at the centre of green blob business plans. Despite green claims to prioritise ‘efficiency’, green policies massively decrease the productivity of land. And there is nothing that a rent-seeker values more than scarcity. Consider, for instance, the 1.5km2 physical footprint of Hinkley Point C, the 3.2 gigawatt nuclear power station being developed in Somerset. An onshore windfarm with the same output, albeit unreliable (since the wind is variable), would occupy an area a thousand times larger. Even the Guardian recognises the swindle, reporting that the Crown Estate made £443 million in 2022, thanks in large part to the seabed it rents out to offshore wind farms. In the 2010s it was pointed out that the then-Prime Minister’s father-in-law, Sir Reginal Sheffield, made £600,000 per yearfrom rents charged to two wind farms on his land. The upper classes are so keen on green because the relics of feudalism profit from neo-feudalism.

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