Posted by Sam Fenny - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 23 April 2024

What Next After Trans?

While we may allow ourselves a moment’s pause to mark the end of the trans scandal, we cannot celebrate. Another monstrous social contagion will soon engulf us. And if the progression of previous social contagions is anything to go by, the next iteration will be the stuff of even bleaker nightmares. More dreadful than the puberty blocking and sterilisation of children? Oh yes indeed.

What made the trans movement so ice-cold-horrifying is that it was adults causing the harm to the children. From the teachers who accepted the child’s chosen pronouns, to the parents who took their children to the GP, to the doctors who referred the child to a psychiatrist, to the surgeon who eventually hacked off their breasts. It is the horror story as old as time: the adult harming the innocent child while telling her it’s for her own good.

It’s over.

Let’s all breathe out while erstwhile supporters pretend they always thought it was disgusting.

So now what? What social contagion will now grip the popular imagination?

Fair efforts were made to make furries a thing. A horse, a cat and an elf used to stalk the local sixth form college but they seem to have given up after a couple of terms. It’s too exhausting to neigh at people in the lunch queue.

‘Minor attracted persons’ refuses to enter even the bien pensant lexicon.

So now what? Will childhood return to a happy Famous Five affair? Will all those adults in the horror story of trans willingly relinquish their role as chief villain? All those parents who saw ‘dysphoria’, all those doctors who saw confused children in need of ‘healing’, all those psychiatrists who could ‘help’ – will they all really down tools? I don’t think so. Human nature doesn’t change. Social contagion remains, weak-willed adults and out-and-out psychopaths still roam the institutions and academy.

It is my prediction that these ghouls will turn their hands, their drugs and their tools from the body to the mind. We will find more and more children prescribed brain altering drugs to cure or tame a whole spectrum of ‘mental’ illnesses. An exhilarating selection of amphetamines are already prescribed by the NHS to children with ADHD: methylphenidate, lisdexamfetamine, dexamfetamine, atomoxetine and guanfacine, whose side-effects include: decreased appetite (great idea for growing children), aggression (another win for the already behaviourally challenged) and agitation, (just the ticket for a fidgety child).

The damage unleashed by the concerned ‘experts’ and complicit parents will be insidious thanks to the invisible nature of the task. There will be no embarrassing beards or double mastectomies with which to later reproach the professionals. Just chemically lobotomised minds and lost lives.

And to those who say with furious compassion, “what is your medical expertise, I’m going to trust the experts, thank you”, I answer: how did that work out for the trans children?

I then predict euthanasia on a grand and obscene scale. It is already well on its way to becoming the latest craze thanks to its soft rebranding to ‘assisted dying’. Read it again: assisted dying. The horror trope returns: it is a kindly adult helping a child do something monstrous for his or her own good. Sir Keir Starmer wants to legalise euthanasia, sorry assisted dying, in the next Parliament. Keep your eyes peeled for plots in soap operas where a much-loved character is happily euthanised by a kindly doctor. A Hollywood star will ‘choose death’ and newspapers will run gushing features about how assisted dying can save the planet. Isolated teenagers will succumb to its charms and there will come a time when a lone brave celebrity will be pilloried for suggesting that perfectly healthy teenagers shouldn’t be checking themselves in to Government-run murder clinics.

Far-fetched? Just wait. It’s for their own good. Trust the experts, bigot.

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