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EXCLUSIVE Inside our failing jails: Former prison governor IAN ACHESON reveals a system gripped by violence, rampant drug taking and radicalisation – while woke bosses take the knee rather than tackle the chaos

Every morning, men and women serving on the front line of His Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service pull on a cheap uniform and go to work in what’s been called the most hostile work environment in Europe.

The endemic violence in our jails means many of them are ending their shifts in hospital rather than home with their families.

A month ago, an officer went on duty on B wing in HMP Whitemoor, one of our maximum security prisons. He left in an ambulance and was put on a ventilator, unconscious, after a vicious assault.

He’s now thankfully recovering. Rates of assault against prison staff run at almost one every hour of every day. Would you work in a place like this?

I used to walk those landings too many years ago. I progressed from officer to senior manager and then senior mandarin. I like to think I know what I’m talking about. I know this experience is causing those in power some embarrassment. Tough.

Whitemoor is a vivid illustration of the absolute decline of a once proud law enforcement agency. This supposedly escape proof prison (opened two years before terrorists escaped from it) has been rocked by incidents.

This is not surprising as it holds some of the most dangerous and resourceful criminals, including terrorists, in western Europe.

But last year when the Chief Inspector of Prisons visited the place he said it was one of the ‘filthiest’ he had ever inspected. More than half of staff surveyed said their morale was ‘low’ or ‘very low’ and over a fifth said they had never met their line manager to discuss progress.

These are all things that good management can fix – they don’t require the extra resources that senior managers sitting in Prison Service HQ always seem to use as an excuse.

And it also begs the question – if a prison holding dozens of Islamist terrorists can’t even get the bins emptied, what else more serious is going wrong?

Staffing is an issue of course. The rate of staff attrition – those leaving the service almost faster than they can be recruited – is a serious problem with serious consequences.

An undercover reporter recently lifted the lid on HMP Bedford – one of the most violent prisons in the country – where he was able to get a job as a uniformed operational support grade without any vetting and a day’s training to draw security keys and walk in off the street past unmanned scanners into the heart of the prison. He could easily have been carrying drugs, a phone or a firearm.

This is a place that when it rains, the segregation unit floor is awash with raw sewage.

Prison Service Headquarters, replete with senior executives with baffling, duplicating titles where these things should have been spotted and fixed is one of the few growth areas in the business.

In 2013 it has 2,400 bean counters. In February 2024 that figure was 5,681. An out-of-control bureaucracy adding no discernible value to the fraying front line that suffered a 26% fall in officers and huge experience removed that hurts to this day.

Officer safety is simply not a priority for a service soused in woke virtue signalling. I remember being sent a picture of the Director General of Prisons ‘taking the knee’ outside Durham prison then reeling with an epidemic of drugs violence and despair broadcast on a fly on the wall documentary for Channel 4.

Nothing could more vividly illustrate the gulf between boss class luxury beliefs and the base reality of a system in turmoil.

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