Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 23 April 2024

AT LAST Basil ‘Gideon’ Falter is being brought to public attention along with his man-and-a-dog ‘charity’, the Campaign Against Antisemitism. Basil is a Zionist censor, silencer, and ‘banner’ who has been seeking to have me banned from venues and media going way back

Now Basil says he is being restricted by police for being Jewish. How about all those, like myself, who have been restricted in our ability to speak in public because of this man and his mob at the CAA? 
It’s so good that he has put himself on such public display so others can become aware of his censorship modus operandi of long standing – and those venues who banned me on his say-so should look themselves in the mirror and cringe. They are just as responsible for the death of freedom of speech because without them bending the knee the Basil Falters of this world would be impotent. 
And don’t start me on Leicestershire and Norfolk police who worked with Zionist censors to have me banned from venues. I asked one prat in Leicester who claimed – God help us – that he was an ‘anti-terrorism officer’ if he had ever read any of my books or seen any of my talks. 
‘No’, he said. So how did he know what I was saying? 
‘Open source intelligence’, came the reply. 
This means that he read it on the Internet. Real terrorists must be laughing their socks off. 
Those who attack the police for restricting them are quite happy for the police to ban those that disagree with them. The stench of hypocrisy is nauseating.
The footage gives context to the lengthy and fraught exchanges, with Metropolitan Police chief Sir Mark Rowley facing calls to resign following the incident.

A tense, extended stand-off between police and an antisemitism campaigner where he was called “openly Jewish” and threatened with arrest yards from a pro-Palestinian march was caught on film by Sky News.

The footage gives context to the lengthy and fraught exchanges amid an increasingly volatile atmosphere, as the head of the Metropolitan Police faces calls to resign following the incident.

Scotland Yard has already had to apologise twice after a short video clip emerged on social media, where Gideon Falter, chief executive of the Campaign Against Antisemitism, was blocked by an officer close to the protest in the Aldwych area of London on Saturday 13 April.

An initial apology by Met assistant commissioner Matt Twist had to be retracted after it suggested the presence of Mr Falter, who was wearing a kippah skull cap, was “provocative”, leading to a rebuke from the Home Office.

Mr Twist has since offered a private meeting to Mr Falter to both apologise personally and “discuss what more the Met can do to ensure Jewish Londoners feel safe”.

London mayor Sadiq Khan will hold an “urgent meeting” with Met Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley on Monday, while Home Secretary James Cleverly and policing minister Chris Philp will also meet him this week.

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