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Has American Church-Going Been Overestimated?

The US is generally thought to be far more religious than Europe – especially Western Europe. Americans are much more likely to be “certain” that God exists, to pray every day, to say religion is “very important” in their lives, and to attend religious services on a regular basis. Here’s a chart made by the sociologist Ryan Burge, which compares weekly religious attendance in US states and European countries:

With a few notable exceptions (such as famously Catholic Poland), there is almost no overlap. US states have much higher rates of religious attendance than European countries. In fact, the least religious US state, New Hampshire, has a higher rate of religious attendance than no less than 20 European countries – including Britain, France and Germany.

But has religious attendance in the US been overestimated? A new paper suggests it might.

Economist Devin Pope obtained a large dataset comprising the locations of millions of smartphone users at various times of day. These locations were inferred based on ‘pings’ made by the smartphones at particular latitude-longitude coordinates. For example, if a user’s smartphone pinged at the coordinates of a church, it was inferred that the user was attending a religious service.

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