Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 22 April 2024

“Do you hate Britain, I asked my pupils. Thirty raised their hands”

There’s a terrifying piece in today’s Sunday Times by an anonymous teacher, revealing the scale of national self-hatred in schools with large Muslim populations, aided and abetted by hand-wringing woke teachers who never stop apologising for Britain’s sins. Here’s an extract:

“The Taliban do let girls go to school,” boasted the teenage boy. “But they stop them when they turn 11, which is very fair.”

In an after-school detention, a handful of pupils were doing their best to convince me, their teacher, that Afghanistan was much nicer now the Taliban were in control. Nothing I said would convince them. It turned out these children not only supported gender inequality but were fans of executing all manner of criminals too.

My pupils are a lively bunch. The school, where I teach humanities, is a large academy in the south of England and caters to those from poor families. Most are Muslim and a few have lived in Islamic countries, including Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. They burst with character and enthusiasm for improving their lives. I work hard to help them and have a genuine pride in them, in a way only fellow teachers will understand.

But I also worry about them. I share some of the same concerns that Katharine Birbalsingh expressed after her legal victory last week, when she successfully defended a High Court challenge to her ban on prayer rituals. In the absence of a clear commitment to British values, she argued, identity politics was filling the vacuum.

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