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Germ Warfare – The Internecine Battle Over Germ Theory is Ratcheting Up!

By Patricia Harrity

The existence of viruses as causative, contagious agents of disease has been debated since Louis Pasteur and Antoine Béchamp in the 1860’s. Fast forward to the present time and we find that no virus taken from a human has ever been isolated. In fact, no one has ever seen a virus of any kind. They are all imaginary. Today, all are created in silicone” asserts Kyle Young. Yet, the virus, no virus dichotomy has continued and those most concerned about the no virus view according to Kyle, “seems to be those who have awakened enough to understand the problems associated with the current jab /lockdown /mask/ closure/ mandate agenda, but have not yet awakened to the fact that all of this has occurred because of an unfounded fear of viruses (germs)” (source).

‘I’ve read the original paper from the institute in Wuhan that purports to describe the covid-19 virus. It’s a reductionist nightmare involving chemicals, non human cells and computer generated gobbledygook.’ he says, continuing “The idea of whole systems biology is lost on virologists. ‘Their income depends on perpetuating the virus myth. Indeed, the entire pharmaceutical vaccine industry depends on perpetuating this myth.”

Kyle Young recognises that it is more than a myth. It’s also a fear tactic. and as long as people can be convinced that viruses exist, whether natural or man made, there will be huge profits to be made by generating fear to get people to line up for more harmful vaccines, vaccines which make more people sick.”

“Millions of sick people is exactly what the medical industrial complex needs to feed the machine. If viruses do not exist, how can they be manipulated? How can they be engineered in a lab?”

While it is a given now among the self professed awake that we are being lied to, they are not prepared to entertain the idea that the Pasteurian theory has been one of those lies and would rather continue to push the global cult’s cash cow. but just as Kyle Young says “unlike many in the pro-virus camp, no one in the no-virus camp is protecting a position that makes them money.” He names three most prominent people in the no-virus camp Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Stefan Lanka PhD. and “other notables” are; Marc McDonald MD, Peggy Hall, Mark and Samantha Bailey MD’s, Sally Fallon, Alphonse Faggiolo, Barre Lando MD, Kelly Brogan MD, Veda Austin, Tony Roman, Sayer Ji, to name but a few. “These people have given up so much to speak the truth, which is one of the ways we know they’re on the right path.” he says.

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