Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 21 April 2024

Are Organized Religion and Government Two Sides of the Same Coin?

“I’m completely in favor of the separation of Church and State. My idea is that these two institutions screw us up enough on their own, so both of them together is certain death.”

~ George Carlin

Oh my, have I gone off the deep end with this article? Discussing both religion and politics at the same time, in the same breath,  and comparing them as equal. According to the hide and not seek crowd, talking about these subjects is taboo, but not only do I not understand this ignorant position, I find it offensive and telling. After all, no one has to agree with me if they choose not to, so why all the angst? The similarities in Church and State are glaring, but mostly overlooked. It is the ruling and brainwashing mentality evident, the governing bureaucratic principles, power seeking, expectation of worship, compliance and obedience,  and the comparable master/slave paradigm expected by both factions.

Whether I agree or disagree with anyone’s personal beliefs; they are their own after all, so their right to their views can be respected regardless of differences. This is mandatory in my mind, as it accentuates their individuality, and only the individual is sovereign. No group, no crowd, no majority, no church, and no government can be sovereign unless freedom is abandoned, so respect for the individual is a must in my mind should liberty be sought.

Church and State can be somewhat separated politically, but cannot be separated as to intent, and never have they been, regardless of the insane notion of this when eluding to the United States, and its bogus Constitution. If they have ever been separate, an explanation of their complete similarity of rule could not be possible. Politics and governments are made up of rulers, kings, monarchs, and oligarchies, and religions are made up of kings called gods, ruling pontiffs, clergy, and the structure of rule is based on votary.

Since the very beginning, Church and State have been one, whether any claim of so-called separation was believed to be evident or not. Bibles were commissioned by kings, and harsh punishments and even death resulted for non-compliance with religious ‘laws.’ Throughout history, the Church and State relationship has been more fascist than anything else; a government and ‘private’ partnership so to speak. At times, the Church was the ruling class, and therefore the governing cabal over populations. Rulers of all stripes bowed to their Church masters, and monarchs, ‘royalty,’ and even elected rulers claimed positions based on being chosen by ‘God.’

The State has continually drafted illegitimate and arbitrary ‘laws,’ many based on the tenets of so-called holy writings or scripture; the Ten Commandments come to mind of course, which also serve as the guideline for much secular ‘law’ as well. These ‘commandments’ mostly begin with the term “you shall not;’ restrictions and commands for all you see. To command requires obedience without question, which when not adhered to, can lead to dire consequences, just as is the case with politicized governing ‘laws.’ Although it was not the case in the past, current religious laws if not followed, do not necessarily, at least in this country, lead to prison or death, as one may simply confess his sins or not, and walk away unscathed. This is not the case with government, except when the indiscretions, regardless of depravity, concern the heads of both religious institutions and the ruling political ‘elite.’ Normally, they live under different rules, because they claim to be above all of you. Many examples of this have surfaced over and over again, as one or the other high-ranking member of clergy or government, looks the other way and protects their own, when theft, perversion, control, or murder are evident.

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