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AI surveillance robot uses facial recognition to decide who to blast with paintballs

Those pining for a life as an eccentric shut-in with robots guarding their house can rejoice at the emergence of a new biometric home security tool. Popular Science reports on PaintCam Eve, an AI-powered biometric surveillance system that fires paintballs at anyone deemed to be security threats.

PaintCam Eve, says its creators at Slovenian company OZ-IT, operates on a “zero compliance, zero tolerance” principle. The autonomous property monitoring device uses motion detection and facial recognition to trigger warnings and, possibly, insane volleys of paint pellets. This, says its website, will give homeowners “ultimate peace of mind.”

PaintCam Eve’s biometric facial recognition feature is meant to prevent Eve from firing at innocent people. Its EVA AI system will stream live video to a user’s app, presumably for additional human-based identity verification. Per the website, “If an unknown face appears next to someone known – perhaps your daughter’s new boyfriend – PaintCam defers to your instructions.”

EVA AI is “a vigilant guardian that doesn’t sleep, blink, or miss a beat,” which “can detect and track objects in real-time while seamlessly adapting to challenging low-light conditions. But it doesn’t stop there; her intelligence extends to recognizing individuals, animals, and various objects with precision.” This, however, only applies to customers who sign up for the “Elite” tier Eve Pro; users who settle for Eve+ or plain old Eve, neither of which offer face detection, risk seeing their mail carrier get mowed down in a merciless rainbow-hued onslaught.

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