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This Is The Uniparty ‘Reveal’: Speaker Johnson To Pass $95.3 Billion Foreign Aid Package Using Democrats

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) is scrambling – both to keep his job, and to pass several bills to devote billions in US taxpayer funds to foreign entanglements that Johnson’s conservative base has little-to-no appetite for. The bills would provide around $60.8 billion for Ukraine, $26.4 billion for Israel, and $8.1 billion for Ukraine. Meanwhile, following Republican outcry – Johnson included a fifth bill which would revive the Secure Border Act – so US border security is essentially an afterthought.

In order to appease said base, Johnson – who faces a growing threat of removal by House conservatives – has added a US border security measure to the package, which he told lawmakers the House would vote on Saturday night. The $95.3 billion package includes three aid bills to send funds to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, after claiming that the situation in Ukraine was at a tipping point, and the “axis of evil” of Russia, China and Iran are coordinating to help Russia to push further into Europe, like Hitler.


“To put it bluntly, I would rather send bullets to Ukraine than American boys,” said Johnson, the Washington Times reports.

The Ukraine aid would be provided as a loan, but with provisions allowing for the loan to be canceled.

A fourth bill would allow the use of seized Russian assets for aid, and sanctions for Russia, China and Iran. It also includes the language of a House-passed bill requiring TikTok to divest from China, a proposal that stalled in the Senate.

A fifth, separate bill includes core components of the House GOP’s Secure the Border Act. -Washington Times.

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