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The Scandal of the Thousands Sacked for Wrongthink

High profile cancellations in the wake of the Cass Report are front and centre in the media as those whose lives were destroyed are once again in the spotlight, this time for vindication. A recent survey of U.K. employees, however, indicates that the number of British people who have lost jobs and careers for falling foul of woke workplace policies which clash with their legally held opinions and beliefs may be considerably higher than first thought.

The fallout of the Cass Report is gradually exposing the level of persecution of those who dared question the nation’s healthcare strategy for the treatment of children suffering from mental illness. Jobs and careers lost, families broken under the subsequent social and financial pressure, some people, notably Graham Linehan, lost everything. To understand the consequences of being cancelled I would recommend reading Linehan’s book Tough Crowd.

The wholesale adoption of radical ideologies that, until a matter of months ago, were the polar opposite of accepted majority or at least reasonable opinion by institutions led to the extremely rapid spread of such ideologies across employers under the flag of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

Last month, the Free Speech Union published a paper on the British workplace and its survey makes disturbing reason for anyone concerned with the assault on freedom in the U.K.:

  • 62% of workers said they have had to conceal what they really think about the EDCI (Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Climate) training they have received
  • 22% have been compelled to say things they don’t believe. This rises to 31% among BAME respondents
  • 45% report that the training they have received conflicted with their personal, religious or political beliefs
  • 41% have left a job because of their employer’s promotion of woke ideology. This rises to 43% among BAME employees and 46% among LBGT employees
  • 36% said that they witnessed staff being penalised in some way by their current employer because of EDCI training. This includes 12% who have witnessed staff being fired for the same

Surveys like this are routinely dismissed as being flawed, but the methodology here was sound: the survey ran between January 25th and 31st 2024; 800 people were interviewed, the sample taken from Dynata consumer access panels and designed to be representative of the U.K. by working age, industry, geography and employer size. Excluded groups included: the self-employed, students (not working), homemakers, the unemployed and retirees.

In February 2024 there were an estimated 29.71 million people employed in the U.K. out of a working population of 32.9 million. So what do those percentages look like when we apply them to the 29.71 million?

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