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Medical Society Seeks to ‘Eradicate’ Transphobia

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy in the U.K. has issued two statements this month regarding its support of transgenderism and its goal of eradicating the evil fear of transgenderism from the medical profession.

“The CSP opposes transphobia. We are committed to eradicating it from our profession,” the April 10 statement said, after which it lauded the statement as a milestone for LGBTQIA+ rights in another statement on April 11.

The April 10 statement went on to define transphobia, a fear which the society has deemed evil.

“Transphobia: the fear or dislike of someone based on the fact they are transgender, including denying their gender identity or refusing to accept it,” the statement said.

It also gave an example of the forbidden phobia: questioning a transgender person’s ‘gender identity’, attempting to remove trans people’s rights, ‘misrepresenting’ trans people, abuse, systematically excluding trans people from discussions about issues that directly affects them, and the all-encompassing, ambiguous, ‘other forms of discrimination’.

The statement also admitted that the fear, which is now disallowed to have, can be manifest in vague ways up to interpretation, but did not say that was a bad thing.

“Transphobia has no single, simple manifestation. It is complex and can include a range of behaviours and arguments,” the statement said.

The society’s chair said that beyond these statements, there is still more they need to do on the matter.

“There is more we all need to do to ensure our physiotherapy community is inclusive and free from discrimination,” Ishmael Beckford, chair of the CSP Council said.

The chair of the CSP Equity, Diversity and Belonging committee, Sarine Baz, stated that the fear of transgenderism is never acceptable.

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