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Doctor says ‘Sorry’ For The ‘Many Mistakes’ and ‘Covid’ jab Guidance

A three times covid jabbed Malaysian doctor has apologised to the Malaysian people for the ‘many mistakes’ in the medical advice he gave over the years and especially in the ‘mass COVID-vaccination season’ where he was involved in obtaining consent so that the vaccine could be administered. The ‘saddened’ Dr Syafiq Nordin shared his apologies on his Facebook profile just a couple of days ago and since then he has received messages of support from many of his followers thanking him for his apology, sincerity and honesty.

Aussie 17, from Pharma Files by Aussie 17 Substack page, has also made a u-turn and has gone from working for big pharma for twenty years and selling vaccines in the ‘several Big Pharmas.’ to now ‘exposing the pharma industrial complex from the inside’

The pharma insider has created a “U- Turn tracker’ which is shared on Substack (which can be viewed here) and has made an IMPORTANT CAVEAT:Please be aware that not all of these shifts are outright U-Turns; some could be considered J-Turns, and some have simply become more vocal than before. But it doesn’t sound right calling it “A More Vocal mRNA Skeptic Tracker and maybe they U-Turn or maybe not™” so I’m keeping it as “U-Turn Tracker™.” Please do not use this list to embarrass or attack anyone; we need to come together in our search for truth. Some of these individuals are my personal friends, whom I deeply respect.

(My note – Not everyone will agree that all of the names on the tracker are people who actually U-turned, but may believe they have known what they were promoting all along,… just me? )

Dr Syafiq Nordin is the latest to have been added to the tracker and Asussie 17 featured his U-turn apology in the following article:

Malaysian Doctor with Large Facebook Following Apologizes for COVID Vaccine Guidance

“Honestly, I am incapable of assisting financially should complications occur.”

by AUSSIE17 originally published on Pharma Files by Aussie 17

Welcome Dr. Syafiq Nordin to the group of doctors who’ve had a change of heart about the COVID-19 vaccine. Dr. Syafiq, a Malaysian doctor with nearly 10,000 followers on Facebook, has made a public apology for his role in administering the Pfizer vaccine during the pandemic. He admits to having regrets following recent disclosures surrounding Pfizer and feels a part of the weakness within the industry that has come to light.

Read More: Doctor says ‘Sorry’ For The ‘Many Mistakes’ and Covid jab Guidance.

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