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The Secret History of Hamas


Isn’t it funny how the establishment “news” makes its audience feel informed even when they’re frighteningly ignorant? An event like the October 7th false flag takes place and suddenly the very same people who couldn’t find Israel on a map are now self-proclaimed experts on the region, dutifully repeating all the talking points about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that they heard on the nightly news. Of course, when you try to drill down on specifics with these people, you will quickly come to the limits of their knowledge (Source)

The Secret History of Hamas

Ask them about Hamas, for instance, and you’re likely to hear that Hamas:

  • is a designated terror group;
  • is sworn to destroy Israel;
  • won an election at some point and now runs Gaza as a theocratic terror state; and
  • consists of cowards who lob rockets into Israel and use women and children as human shields.

As is often the case, there are elements of truth to these regurgitated media soundbites. But the errors and omissions in this pat, Zionist-friendly, mainstream narrative are enough to make those who mindlessly believe it and repeat it not just wrong, but dangerously wrong.

Yes, the unthinking masses who buy into this propaganda are wrong about Israel. It is not the poor, put-upon democratically elected underdog of the Middle East, but a rogue nuclear power and apartheid state that wields an outsized influence on the world through its use of espionage (both real and virtual), subterfugelobbying and blackmail. It has been formally rebuked for its ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and stands accused of massacresatrocitieswar crimes and genocide in the latest conflict.

But these propaganda parrots are not only wrong about Israel. They’re wrong about Hamas, too.

Or, at the very least, they don’t know the real history of Hamas.

So, what is Hamas? Where did it come from? What are its aims? And, most importantly, how did it rise to power in the Gaza Strip?

Today, let’s answer those questions and dispel, once and for all, the cloud of ignorance hanging over this conflict.

The His/Story of Hamas

If you’re curious about the history of Hamas and you’re an average Joe (i.e., blissfully unaware of the Fifth-Generation Infowar that is raging all around you), you might begin your search for answers where the gatekeepers of information want you to start all your searches: Google.

And, if you do wander into that Library of Babel, you will doubtless wind up clicking on the first result: the Wikipedia entry on Hamas. From there, you’ll learn some basic facts about the organization, such as:

  • Hamas is a “Palestinian Sunni Islamist political and military movement governing parts of the Israeli-occupied Gaza Strip.”
  • Its name derives from HMS, the acronym of the Arabic phrase Ḥarakah al-Muqāwamah al-ʾIslāmiyyah (“Islamic Resistance Movement”), which is glossed by the Arabic word ḥamās (meaning “zeal,” “integrity” and/or “bravery”).
  • It has engaged in combat operations against Israel since 1989 in pursuit of its goal of establishing an Islamic caliphate in Palestine; etc.

If you have patience and persistence, you might uncover other interesting tidbits about the history of Hamas by mining the Wiki article’s notes and references. (Case in point: remember when the Irish government expelled an Israeli diplomat for forging Irish passports during a Mossad operation to assassinate Hamas’ chief logistics officer?)

. . . But, no matter how patient you are, you will quickly discover that the answers to the most important questions about Hamas aren’t on Wikipedia—a platform that is admittedly manipulated by Zionist agents to eliminate any and all information that is critical of Israel.

So, if you’re looking for the unadulterated truth about Hamas, where do you turn?

<sarc>Why, to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), of course!</sarc>.

That’s right, the IDF have a handy-dandy six-minute explainer video purporting to tell you “The Full History of Hamas,” in which you’ll learn (SPOILERS!) that Hamas:

  • is “a terrorist organization that rules Gaza”;
  • employs “suicide bombings, car rammings, kidnappings and firing rockets into Israel” in its campaign to “kill the Jews”; and
  • gained power after the selfless Israeli government gallantly withdrew its illegal settlements from Gaza in 2006.

You will also learn that Hamas receives $100 million annually from Iran—funds that it uses to create “rockets, drones, and a 500-kilometre long web of underground tunnels.”

Finally, you will learn that at long last somebody is stepping up to the plate to take care of the Hamas problem once and for all—and you will be shocked (SHOCKED! I tell you!) to learn that that “somebody” is the IDF!

. . . But, being the skeptical sort, you might question whether it’s a good idea to take the Israeli military’s propaganda about its own enemies at face value. And so, in an effort to balance the IDF’s obviously biased perspective with an equally biased perspective on the other side of the conflict, you might turn to Son of Hamas, which purports to be a from-the-horse’s-mouth account of Hamas’ formation and its subsequent activities.

This autobiography is penned by Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas co-founder Hassan Yousef. It contains first-hand information that challenges the official history of Hamas. Yousef contends, for example, that Hamas was not founded in 1987, as Wikipedia asserts, but in a secret meeting of Palestinian spiritual authorities and resistance leaders that took place in Hebron in 1986.

Read More: The Secret History of Hamas – The Corbett Report.

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