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The Insane World of Intersectional Climate Change

Once upon a time, linking climate change directly back to homosexuality was almost enough to get you sectioned. Remember 10 years ago, during the floods of 2014, when UKIP local councillor David Silvesterwas widely mocked after writing a letter to then-PM David Cameron, warning that the bad weather of the day was due to Dismal Dave’s acting “arrogantly against the Gospel” by planning to legalise gay marriage, thereby angering God Almighty and causing Him to unleash “storms, disease, pestilence and war” upon us all?

Today, the situation is kind of the reverse, and we are now exhorted to propitiate the angry climate-gods after all – otherwise they will punish those homosexuals who walk amongst us with terrible deluges and inundations of a new kind, as shown by the Daily Sceptic reporting last week on a quite pathetic story in the Independent, headlined ‘How climate change is hitting vulnerable Indonesian trans sex workers’. As the DS wrote, “Street-walking in a Muslim majority country undoubtedly has perils”, but bad weather is not chief amongst them.

Rain of Terror

According to the Independent, the problem was that “the rainy season was lasting longer” and “winds were stronger”, causing clients to stay nice and dry at home and use prostitutes there instead. Even worse, 72% of transsexual escorts in the affected region “had increased expenses” when it rained – how much do umbrellas cost in Java these days? Therefore, it was argued, “climate change makes the vulnerable even more vulnerable”. But does it really? If you bother to read the whole report beyond its absolutely mental headline, you will see that most of the ladyboys involved actually enjoyed a, um, happy ending.

The particular transgender street-walkers interviewed for the piece by a brave journalist who sidled up to them after dark armed with a fistful of tourist dollars whilst whispering the words “it’s okay, I just want to talk”, all ended up in plum jobs once they had been forced off the pavements by an amazing extra 55mm of precipitation per annum – or, at least, plum jobs by comparison to the alternative employment prospect of selling their bodies to random all-comers on street-corners.

One became a singer with a transgender arts group, for whose associated theatre company he now runs a social media channel. Another got a place on a special entrepreneurship training programme aimed at “empowering transgender women”, following which he was able to set up his own small business, selling both home-made cakes and home-made smells re-labelled as ‘perfumes’.

So, if climate change really did force these former harlots off the streets (which it obviously didn’t – the last time heavy rain truly ended prostitution was during the happy, sin-cleansing days of Noah), then it forced them off the streets and into much better, safer, better-paid and more stable jobs – so surely the Independent’s headline should actually have been ‘How climate change is helping vulnerable Indonesian trans sex workers’, not “hitting” them?

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