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Let’s Spare the Environment From the Greens

While Net Zero seems to be top of everyone’s agenda, I’ve noticed few ever mention the cost – not least to the environment.

I’ve become used to speakers at events routinely talking about “our journey to Net Zero” with little regard for the fact that their wealth and their lifestyles – and those of their children – are going to be among the casualties.

But a more obvious casualty in this mindless adherence to rules is the very thing they think they are saving.

I’d planned to write about the green movement’s dishonesty and hypocrisy but I found so many examples I’ll save those for another day. But ironies, inconsistencies and complete stupidity are in plentiful supply, locally, nationally and internationally.

Councils everywhere have announced their climate emergencies and Reading, one of the councils on this list of those who want to reach Net Zero earlier than the Government, is as enthusiastic as any. It declared a climate emergency five years ago and wants to reach Net Zero by 2030.

So when big improvements to the Hexagon Theatre including a multi-purpose studio space were announced, the council said that, as part of the Government-funded development, the 1970s building is going to be “decarbonised”.

What is not going anywhere is the asbestos the building is riddled with. About 20 years ago, during my days working for the Reading Chronicle, we were sent a story by an agency which had covered the death of a Hexagon employee. This was in the days before these stories went online so I can’t provide a link.

However, I do recall the woman employee’s death was due to her exposure to asbestos over decades working there. The council has assured me the building work will follow best practice and I’ve no reason to disbelieve it. But it’s a classic sign of our insane times that we remove carbon for all the miniscule difference that will make and leave asbestos, a long-proven killer – but them’s the rules in 2024.

Climate has to be considered in almost every council decision. Meeting agendas are rarely without references to it and many councils have “climate” in the names of some committees, although it is now often tagged onto the title of a broader committee.

However, Wokingham Borough Council still has a climate emergency overview and scrutiny committee. Its January 9th meeting was cancelled. The council didn’t hold another until February 29th. Presumably this is an emergency that can wait.

Saving the environment by ruining it seems to be a recurring theme among the green movement.

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