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An old ‘conspiracy theory’ the useless mainstream media can no longer ignore: Cloud seeding is used around the WORLD – not just in Dubai: How countries including the US, China, Switzerland and Australia have implemented the weather modification technique – and why it’s controversial

As Dubai experiences its worst floods on record, many have been shocked to discover that the country has been working to control the weather for decades.

Since the early 1990s, the UAE has used a technique called cloud seeding to trigger rain to fall where there might otherwise be none.

Although it is easy to make the connection between this controversial technique and the sudden flooding, experts say the two are unlikely to be related.

In fact, Dubai is far from the only place in the world where cloud seeding is used with countries including the US, France, and Australia using the method widely.

However, the technique is not without its potential risks – and experts warn that cloud seeding could produce ‘catastrophic impacts’.

What is cloud seeding?

As futuristic as cloud seeding may sound, the technique was actually developed more than 80 years ago.

Researchers working for General Electric were conducting experiments on how clouds formed in the lab when they discovered an unusual effect.

Even when water vapour becomes supercooled to between 14°F (-10°C) and 23°F (-5°C) it won’t necessarily form ice crystals.

But when researchers added a fine powder of silver iodide – a chemical used in photography – they were amazed to find that the water instantly froze.

The reason is that water vapour can’t form crystals on its own – it needs something to form a ‘nucleus’ to form around.

In natural clouds these ‘cloud condensation nuclei’ might be provided by bacteria or tiny dust particles, but scientists had now found a way to create them artificially.

Cloud seeding works by applying this technique to natural clouds.

Silver iodide or table salt is injected into the clouds, causing the water vapour to rapidly form ice crystals.

As the ice crystals grow they eventually become so large that they fall out of the cloud as snow or rain depending on the weather.

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