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Nigeria’s digital prison has been built and the gates are closing

Earlier this month, the National Identity Management Commission of Nigeria (“NIMC”) announced the introduction of a new digital identity (“digital ID”) card.  This digital ID will be linked to a bank account held at Nigeria’s central bank, which has already launched a central bank digital currency (“CDBC”).

The digital ID, whose launch is supported by the Central Bank of Nigeria (“CBN”) and the Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (“NIBSS”), will have payments and social service delivery functions and will facilitate access to other services including travel, health insurance information, microloans, agriculture, food stamps, transport and energy subsidies, just to mention a few, with payment and financial services being powered by a central bank pre-paid/debit/credit card scheme dubbed AfriGo.

Among other features, the digital ID card will have a machine-readable zone in line with the United Nations International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (“ICAO’s”) standards for biometric passports, a QR code that will contain the holder’s National Identification Number (“NIN”), and the possibility for face and fingerprints biometric authentication as the primary medium for identity verification through the data on the card chip, Biometric Update said.

Effectively, Nigeria’s new digital ID is linked to a person’s central bank account.  Nigeria already has a CBDC, the eNaira, which was launched in October 2021.  One of the reasons the eNaira was needed, it is claimed, was to increase financial inclusion by allowing those with a mobile phone but without a bank account to have access to the CBDC through their smartphones.

Smartphones are also linked to people’s digital IDs; the process has been far from voluntary.  In December 2023, companies offering telecommunications services in Nigeria were given a fresh order from the federal government to entirely block all phone Subscriber Identity Module (“SIM”) cards not linked to the biometrics-backed NIN by 28 February 2024.

Since April 2022, an order for the partial block of over 70 million SIM cards not linked to the owner’s digital ID has been in place. However, it is a one-way barring as only outgoing calls are not supported on such SIM cards. From 28 February 2024 therefore, all categories of SIM cards whose owners have not done the NIN linkage will be fully deprived of access to all call and data services, Biometric Updatesaid.

For Nigeria, the totalitarian system of control – the perimeters of the electronic prison which will be used to restrict and control every aspect of people’s lives and the entire population – is now in place.

AfriGo “Financial Inclusion”

In January 2023, the CBN launched the AfriGo debit card “to strengthen the cashless economy … to strengthen the national payment system and strengthen the usage of electronic platforms in Nigeria.”  It is an additional means of payment to the existing Mastercard, Visa, Verve and Interswitch cards but can only be used within Nigeria.

The CBN gave financial inclusion, to free up forex reserves, reducing operating costs for financial institutions and data sovereignty as some of the reasons for launching the card.

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