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How Much Damage Have Vaccines Done to Society?

According to a Midwestern Doctor there has been a long history of severe vaccine injuries following new vaccinations, but they have been hidden in order to protect ‘the business’. Today we are seeing remarkably similar injuries to those observed from a century ago, however, once again, there has been an embargo on the data ever coming to light ‘because ‘it would destroy the vaccine programme’ (and a lot more besides no doubt). Nevertheless the data and evidence exist, and a Midwestern Doctor who, he says ‘exposes both the light and dark within medicine that has remained hidden’ has conducted an extensive review on a variety of studies that have shown vaccines to have been the cause of a wide range of illnesses and vaccine disasters which he has summarised in the article below.

How Much Damage Have Vaccines Done to Society?

The data that shows the less appreciated forgotten consequences of vaccination. written by aMidwestern Doctor and originally published in the  The Forgotten Side of Medicine.

Story at a Glance:

• A long history exists of a wave of severe injuries following new vaccinations being introduced to the market. In most cases, those injuries were swept under the rug to protect the business.

• In many cases, the severe “mysterious” injuries we see now are remarkably similar to those that were observed over a century ago. Unfortunately, a widespread embargo exists on ever allowing this data to come to light (as that would instantly destroy the vaccine program).

• A variety of independent studies (summarized below) have shown that vaccines cause a wide range of chronic illnesses.

• A 1990 book made a strong case that widespread vaccination was also causing an epidemic of widespread brain damage which was both lowering America’s IQ and causing a massive rise in violent crime.

• In this article, we will also review exactly what in that 1990 book and the classic signs that can be used to determine if someone has a vaccine injury (along with the subtle more spiritual ones).

My mind often overlaps the past present and future onto themselves. Because of this, I will frequently recall events that happened in the past which perfectly mirror what is unfolding before us, and in turn, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve witnessed humanity repeat its same mistakes. During COVID, I realized we were again reenacting the same tragedy humanity had ever experienced since the smallpox vaccine was brought to the market and I had a thought. If people became aware of what had happened before and ended our collective amnesia, perhaps this could at last stop.

As fate would have it, my wish came true, and without knowing me, Steve Kirsch gave me the opportunity to begin introducing that forgotten history to the world. This happened after he chose to publish an article I wrote illustrating how the trucker protests were identical to smallpox protests that had happened more than a century before and then for reasons I still do not understand, encouraged his readers to subscribe to me so I would start writing here.

Note: At the time I made this username (for the smallpox article), I did not put any thought into it as I was never expecting to use it again.

Because of this, I’ve effectively become a “historian” of vaccination. In turn, I’ve noticed again and again that a vaccine disaster happens which injuries many in a very similar way, it gets swept under the rug (often by officials who are quite conflicted in their decision to do so), and then the same thing happens again a few decades later.

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