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Dear Mr. Kwarteng, Now is the Time to Act Without Fear or Favour on Net Zero, Vaccines and the WHO Pandemic Treaty

Daily Sceptic reader Paul Hicks wrote to his MP, Kwasi Kwarteng, who is standing down at the next election, to suggest to him that now is a good time to act without fear of favour on behalf of his constituents. He sent the email to us, suggesting we share it with readers as it might inspire others to write similarly.

Dear Mr. Kwarteng,

You have announced your intention not to stand for election as the Member of Parliament for Spelthorne at the next General Election. You have represented me and my fellow constituents in the Mother of Parliaments since 2010.

I wonder what you are most proud of during your time as Member of Parliament, as Energy Secretary and (briefly) as Chancellor of the Exchequer? I vaguely recall that you had a hand in promoting the use of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) – a rare burst of sanity in a field that is mostly dominated by non-scientific green lunatics.

Despite my somewhat flippant tone, I am genuinely interested to learn what you believe is your proudest political legacy.

But your time as a Member of Parliament is not over. There is still the opportunity to render some greater service to your constituents. And, since you are voluntarily giving up the attempt to climb higher up the greasy pole of politics, now is the very best time to show your true character. You have no need to fawn over or defer to others in politics, since you are not seeking preferment to any great office of state. Free and independent, you can speak your mind and can intercede on behalf of your constituents.

But on what subject, and to what end?

Here are a few musings that might help you decide how to act.

It is becoming more evident by the day that the experimental gene therapy products that were touted as ‘vaccines’ and which were promoted as being ‘safe and effective’ were not vaccines, were not safe and were not effective. Yesterday, my wife and I went to visit a friend who is in the local hospital. While we were there, a Specialist Cancer Nurse at the hospital whom we know well chose to take a break so that she could visit our friend (who is also her friend). She couldn’t stay for long, because she had a sad and unpleasant task to do yesterday afternoon – she had to give a young man of about 30 years of age some bad news. Three or four weeks ago, this previously fit and healthy man was in [a local] park, and for reasons best known to himself he decided to kick a tree stump. It caused him severe pain in his hip. The pain didn’t go away. He went to his GP, who prescribed painkillers. The pain didn’t go away. He was sent for an X-ray. It was the sad duty of the Specialist Cancer Nurse to tell him that his entire pelvic region is riddled with cancer. The prognosis does not look good. This sort of thing – turbo cancers – didn’t happen so much before 2021. It just didn’t.

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