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Protecting Your Intellectual Property: Best Practices for Brand Integrity

It is difficult to calculate the amount of funds invested in the creation and promotion of unique content on the web, companies spend a lot of money on this. In order to minimize losses resulting from the use of intellectual property by 3rd parties, organizations pay great attention to protecting their brand. This activity is an integral part of digital marketing today. In this article, we give several effective strategies for safeguarding brand integrity, and also refer to the fact that it is best to contact one of the professional organizations to counter brand bidding. You can get uninterrupted online brand protection with the preservation of data on unapproved use of your trademarks, logos, images, and so on. It should be remembered that not only competitors, but also partners can enrich themselves at your expense, and such activities should be stopped immediately.


Branded Content and Trademark Abuse


Nowadays, digital marketing is impossible without distinguishing brand elements. That is, content promoting products, services, and advertising a brand is called branded. For instance, a famous person may refer to some products in his blog, such inserts are common and familiar to everyone. Trademark law protects the distinctive features of your brand from third-party use, but this does not stop violators who can use your elements for their own purposes, increasing their own profits. Of course, you incur losses at the same time, this situation is called brand dilution. Consumers change their attitude towards your brand if they have been provided with a low-quality service or if they are disappointed in the product. As a result, the company loses potential customers. Third-party organizations can directly or indirectly degrade your brand image, so the trust of partners decreases. Next, we will tell you how to stop trademark abuse and which practices bring the best result.


Registration and Legal Considerations


First of all, the company must ensure that their brand is created in accordance with current legislation without violating the rights of other organizations. You cannot use elements of other trademarks. Next, you need to register the sign and get the supporting documentation. After that, branded content is created, it must be unique. The company’s lawyers must act within the framework of trademark law. It should be remembered that there are strict rules for the presentation of branded content on the Internet. Keep in mind that not only your IP may be violated, but you can also involuntarily violate someone’s rights. If violations are found against your TM, you should make a claim and file it in court. Large companies have a legal department for these purposes. One of the important rules: the integrity of the brand is protected in the legal field.


Tracking Strategy


One of the most effective strategies is to track violations. A less effective method is to spy on potential intruders; this method is not good enough because new intruders and scammers appear daily trying to take advantage of your symbols. You should search for information related to your brand by simulating activities from different regions. It is very difficult to do this manually, so software products are used, which we will discuss further. It is recommended to conclude a cooperation agreement with search engines in order to get more complete and faster access to information.


About BluePear


If you need to get sufficient protection from brand bidding, go to the BluePear website and try the free trial version. After registration you will be able to log into your profile and get to know all the features of the system. Please note that you can go to the “Results” section to view the reports. BP software scans search requests related to your brand using various GEO, saving and systematizing the results. When someone else’s advertisement is detected, the program records detailed information about the referral, title, domain, and also takes a screenshot. These materials can be used in a dispute with a competing company after filing a claim. Getting started is very simple: you need to enter keywords, set additional parameters and run a scan. After a while, you will be able to get the results in PDF or other convenient format.




In this report we explained how your IP is protected and gave some important recommendations to ensure the integrity of the brand. It is necessary to combat violations using various methods and means. To protect yourself from brand bidding, it is recommended to try the BluePear tool. Round-the-clock monitoring will help you find and record cases of your brand’s use. This way you will be able to collect materials for the trial, as well as identify dishonest partners. You should also keep in mind the confidentiality of data and take care of cybersecurity. There are many ways to use your symbols, texts, and images, so the fight against unauthorized use of the brand must be conducted constantly. The larger the company, the more effort and resources are devoted to IP and BI protection.

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