Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 15 April 2024

Police Scotland ‘Can’t Cope’ With Flood of Hate Speech Reports as 8,000 Flood in During First Week of Draconian Law.

Only last week Neil Oliver said that the knew draconian hate crime laws that were coming into being in his homeland of Scotland would incite “mischief” from people just determined to cause trouble for their neighbors or for people they have a beef with by accusing them of having stirred up hatred.” His predictions may have been right as it has been reported that Police Scotland has been overwhelmed by a flood of reports after the controversial Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021 came into force last Monday, criminalising the opaquely-worded “stirring up hatred” towards protected groups, such as the so-called LGBTQ2AIS community, among others. In the first week alone there have been approximately 8,000 reports surpassing the annual total for hate crimes in general of any other year.

Neil Oliver, warned that Scotland is “leading the way into a new darkness borne of the power hungry sensorial attitudes of those in office,” but, as he also pointed out that “The police, members of the legal profession and others well qualified to comment have warned that the authorities will be flooded with complaint and allegations of hate crime by anyone and everyone with an axe to grind against an enemy, or against an opponent.” and just as expected, the law enforcement in Scotland has claimed that it “can’t cope” with the staggering number of reports flooding into police stations. It is just never going to be sustainable.

Police Scotland received around 8,000 complaints under the law in the first seven days of its implementation, and according to analysis by The Telegraph, if this trend continues it would surpass the total number of crimes reported annually (416,000). The broadsheet also noted that the number of supposed hate speech violations reported to police in the first week surpassed the total number of hate crimes as a whole recorded in any full year in Scotland.

People Power

It is very likely, this is a result of the power of the people, as one commenter revealed that “a plethora of people are submitting hate crime complaints purely to create the chaos. Nobody in Scotland voted for this. it wasn’t on any political parties manifesto or election pledges. It’s been rammed through by a small group of people and does not reflect the wishes of our society. So, we intend to bury our police force under such a mountain of complaints that they either abandon or fail to resource it. the latter being more likely as they are already under resourced. It’s a disgrace and we’re not having it. (Source).

An article in Breitbart reported that the chairman of the Scottish Police Federation David Threadgold warned that the man-power hours required to deal with such a large number of complaints will impact the police force’s ability to deal with actual crimes, with the force already failing to solve a growing number of crimes like sexual assault, shoplifting, and car theft. Scotland has also been plagued by a drug epidemic, with the small nation having the highest drug-related deaths per capita in all of Europe.

“Police Scotland have gone public and said that on every occasion, reports of hate crime will be investigated,” he said, explaining: “That creates a situation where we simply cannot cope at the moment. Officers have been brought back in to do overtime shifts and the management of that is simply unsustainable.” Threadgold went on to suggest that the law was being “weaponised” by the public in order to settle personal grudges against fellow citizens or to wage political feuds, while suggesting that the government encouraging the public to report instances of “hate” has clearly blown up in their face. “The bottom line is should this demand remain, the police service will have to deal with it but that will clearly impact on other areas of policing,” he said.

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