Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 15 April 2024

My Kafkaesque nightmare, by A-level teacher sacked for refusing to call a girl a boy

MY CASE is important to everyone in every public institution in this country. I lost, and that is why it is so important.

I was a maths teacher at a further and higher education college when one of my students, whom I will call Student A, sent me a message saying she wanted to be a boy. I raised a safeguarding concern asking if we had parental consent, if she was making an informed decision and if she was at risk of self-medicating with cross-sex hormones.

The response from the safeguarding team was that they would not tell her parents. They then encouraged her to socially transition by telling her how to change her name and pronouns on the college system. This was the complete opposite of my safeguarding concern. My student’s safety would have been better protected if I had done nothing.

Later in the year A’s friend Student B waited behind after a class and instructed me to refer to A as male, under the threat of a complaint. I explained to B why this was not a good idea, and she diligently wrote everything down. This was then used as a basis of a complaint against me and presented to the court as if I had said it in front of class for everyone to hear.

Then at a transgender training session another college lecturer explained how she had directly supported four transgender students. It was reasonable to have concerns about the nature of this support and to raise it a safeguarding concern about it, so I did. Not only was this not investigated, but it was used as evidence to support the transphobia complaint concerning Student A as a male and to support a safeguarding referral of me to the local authorities.

The result was that I was suspended and referred to Swindon Borough Council on the safeguarding ground of causing emotional harm to a transitioning student, fired, then referred to the government’s Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and barred from teaching for life.

This is the absurd and topsy-turvy world that our schools have become. A world where boys can be girls and vice versa, where actions to ensure safety are safeguarding incidents, where teaching and discussion of facts is subservient to protecting feelings, where children can dictate how teachers behave, and where a student who potentially manipulates another on to a life-limiting and life-shortening medical pathway is considered to be kind.

This crazy world did not happen by accident and the children are not to blame.  They are the victims.

Vested interests in the transgender community want to target schools because this is where most of their potential recruits are to be found, and their motivations for doing so are self-validatory or financial or both. They have been aided and abetted by the Department for Education to do this, and the DfE even wrote into its guidance the nonsense from Stonewall that transgender is not a safeguarding issue.

The schools were an easy pushover because there is no longer a culture of critical thinking, either by students or from teachers. The increasing focus of teaching towards vocational skills, which is in vogue, is antithetical to developing critical thinking skills. So, on the current track, things will get worse, not better.

Even teachers versed in the most basic aspects of critical thinking are unable to act on their thoughts. As I found out, they have nowhere to turn when things inevitably go very bad. The transgender ideology had so completely captured the minds of the senior management at my college that raising a safeguarding concern was as effective as shouting at a storm. My union, the NEU, backed the transgender ideology over their obligations to protect me and withdrew their support.

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