Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 14 April 2024

New ‘Pronoun Button’ on LinkedIn Will Hasten Site’s Descent into Woke Irrelevance

LinkedIn was once a great idea, a global network for business professionals. However, like so many institutions, its embrace of ‘woke’ has turned it into a cross between a vapid corporate virtue signalling brochure, a digital maoist self criticism session and an enforcement arm of the mono politics of the modern management class. Its recent introduction of the ‘Pronoun Button’ is merely the latest step in its descent into irrelevance.

Back in my misspent youth I was a headhunter (Boo Hiss!), you know, one step up from the bottom of the pond Estate Agents. Headhunters do, however, provide a necessary service as very few executives have the time or the network to identify possible hires and, even if they do, it is often inappropriate to approach them directly. When LinkedIn was launched, to say I was an early fan would have been an understatement. I signed up – as it happens I am in the first 700,000 users of LinkedIn, which in the past this was a ‘thing to have’ because you’d get thrown nice badges and articles etc. rewarding your foresight and early adoption.

As a headhunter, LinkedIn was my principal tool. It allowed me to quickly form basic longlists of targets and allowed me to reach out to individuals. It wasn’t comprehensive and it had some problems, for example the more headhunters that cottoned onto it, the higher the volume of messages members would receive. Also, not everyone was on LinkedIn, especially in the then ‘non-digital’ sectors, so a lot of the job was still reliant on shoe leather and a strong liver for trawling the drinking haunts of the City and West End.

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