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Keir Starmer risks the wrath of older voters after refusing to commit to keeping the triple lock for pensions in Labour’s manifesto at the next election

Sir Keir Starmer has risked angering older voters by refusing to say whether he would keep the pensions triple lock.

The opposition leader said retirees would have to wait for his election manifesto to find out if the long-standing Conservative pledge would remain in place.

Asked about the policy – which guarantees that retired people’s incomes rise each year in line with the highest out of wage growth, inflation or 2.5 per cent – he told the i newspaper: ‘I believe in the triple lock, committed to the triple lock, we certainly think this Government should continue with it.’

But he went on: ‘Precisely what’s in our manifesto, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for the manifesto on that, because we will be setting out a fully funded manifesto.

‘But I believe in the triple lock.

‘The final position will be set out in the manifesto because every commitment we make will be fully costed and funded, and that is the iron rule for whatever the issue is.’

It comes after Labour appointed a tax adviser who once said pensioners have had it ‘ridiculously good’ and were an ‘under-taxed generation’.

Senior party figures are also said to have warned Sir Keir that he risks losing younger voters because of the party’s stance on Gaza and climate change.

Last night Conservative deputy chairman Matt Vickers said: ‘Labour can’t say what they would do on pensions because they don’t have a plan.

‘With Sir Keir constantly refusing to commit to the triple lock, and his new tax tsar calling for hikes on pensions, it’s clear that Labour can’t be trusted to protect our pensioners.

‘The Conservative Party is sticking with the plan and backing the triple lock.

‘Labour would only take us right back to square one.’

Earlier this week Work and Pensions Secretary Mel Stride defended the triple lock as pensioners were awarded an 8.5 per cent increase, worth an extra £900 a year to those on the full rate of the state pension.

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