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Five men who ‘executed’ DPD driver as he delivered parcels are jailed for a total of 122 years after using an axe, knife and shovel to hack him to death – as police admit they still don’t know the motive for the brutal slaying

Five men who ‘executed’ a DPD driver as he delivered parcels in broad daylight have been jailed for a total of 122 years – and police have admitted they still do not know the motive for the brutal slaying.

Aurman Singh, 23, was hacked to death by a gang who were armed with an axe, a hockey stick, a knife, a golf club and a shovel on August 21 last year.

Judge Kristina Montgomery told Stafford Crown Court that Aurman’s murder was a ‘act of horrifying brutality’ and ‘a very public execution’ as she handed out sentences today.

Arshdeep Singh, 24, Jagdeep Singh, 22, Shivdeep Singh, 26, and Manjot Singh, 24, all from the Black Country, were all found guilty of murder following a trial.

The delivery driver was left to die in a pool of blood after he was ambushed by the gang on a street in Shrewsbury.

The group planned the attack after receiving information from ‘inside man’ Sukhmandeep Singh, 23, from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, who leaked his delivery route.

Judge Montgomery said the the weapons had been ‘carefully curated’ to cause the maximum damage when ‘wielded with fervent aggression’.

She said: ‘All but Shivdeep Singh jumped out and ran towards him.

‘Each of them was concealing their face with a mask and each of them carrying a weapon.

‘Between them they had an axe, golf club, wooden stave, metal club, hockey stick, shovel and a knife.

‘Aurman Singh was felled and attacked by these defendant’s by their weapon of choice.

‘Jagdeep Singh chopped into Aurman Singh’s head three times with the axe. Blows of such ferocity they penetrated his skull.

‘He was clubbed over the head by Arshdeep Singh with the golf club and with such force that it fractured his skull.

‘Manjot Singh struck him his bleeding head with the wooden stave.’

She told Arshdeep Singh, Manjot Singh and getaway driver Shivdeep Singh, who ‘bore equal responsibility’, they must serve at least 28 years in prison.

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