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A Twitter Files Requiem

A Twitter Files Requiem

And so the “Twitter Files” Limited Hangout has come to its inevitable, ignominious end. It is over. The Twitter-Files story is dead. It isn’t pining for the fjords. It is deceased, cadaverous, bereft of life. It has bought the farm and gone to meet its maker. It is Humpty Dumpty. It has fallen off the wall. Nothing can put it back together again.

I have to tip my hat to Elon Musk. It was quite an impressive limited hangout. The way Musk took the potential story of a global network of Intelligence agencies, corporations, NGOs, and assorted “disinformation experts” censoring, visibility-filtering, and otherwise neutralizing dissent as GloboCap executed the “shock-an-awe” phase of the roll-out of the “New Normal” over the last three years … the way Musk took that potentially game-changing story by the throat and throttled it, played around with its corpse for a while like a cat, and then finally threw it down, squatted over it, and obstreperously, definitively defecated on it, that was … well, quite impressive.

If you missed the final twists and turns in the Twitter-Files story (R.I.P), Matt Taibbi, who is currently attempting to enjoy a vacation at Disneyland with the wife and kids, published an update on Racket News, his “Twitter-killing” Substack newsletter covering the juicy bits.

Here’s the “money” paragraph, or most of it …

“In doing all this Elon immolated the last remnants of any reputation he had as a free speech advocate and gave immeasurable succor to the assorted David Brocks, AOCs, and Renee DiRestas who view him as an antichrist. All can now point to his outbursts of cartoon censorship and argue individual eccentric CEOs are the real danger to free expression, not squads of executives working in oligopolistic secrecy with the FBI, DHS, and ten million Pentagon-funded Centers for Securing Whatever. It won’t be true, but Elon’s public meltdown will in the short run take a ton of pressure off these villains, while accelerating the piranha frenzy currently skeletonizing Twitter’s profits …”

What Matt can’t quite say (and I understand why) is that Elon’s meltdown will not just “give immeasurable succor” to the David Brocks, AOCs, and other functionaries and puppets who have demonized him, and “take a ton of pressure off these villains,” it will effectively kill the future of the story, and consign what has been reported so far to the “lunatic fringes” of the Internet, where no one “normal” will ever be forced to pay it any serious attention again.

That, my friends, is called a limited hangout. As I explained in my column in January

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