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Moment UK-funded French police stand by and watch as dozens of migrants sprint across beaches and board small boats to illegally cross the English Channel

British-funded French police have been filmed standing by and watching as dozens of migrants sprinted across beaches to board small boats and cross the English Channel.

The shocking events occurred despite a staggering £500million investment from the UK government as part of a three-year contract with France – which is meant to put a stop to the dangerous crossings.

The large injection of money is set to be used on vehicles and surveillance equipment, including drones, that will help control the area.

In footage captured by ITV, the latest UK-funded hardware was seen in action by unbothered French cops who let the migrants cross in front of them.

A large group of migrants – including children – were seen huddling as they crossed the beach before starting a sprint across the sands to reach a small boat.

Small children were seen leaping over puddles and running into the sea in the early morning as the sun rose before the footage cut to a small dinghy drifting out into the open water.

All the while French cops stood by and let the situation unfold without any interference.

The boat, packed and heading towards the UK, then made a bold U-turn towards the beach where police were present.

And without hesitation, they picked up more migrants who were waiting in anticipation on the beach, without apparent concern for the officers ahead.

Dozens more migrants could be seen looking around before running through the freezing waters and climbing onto the tiny boat.

As the passengers piled onto the rubber dinghy, it became perilously overloaded, with a French officer estimating a total of 100 people on board before it departed France.

The UK Border Force then sent out a vessel to retrieve the individuals in the Channel.

Footage showed their arrival at Dover port, where they are currently undergoing processing – including consideration of any asylum claims.

The shocking video raises further questions about UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s ability to fulfil his promise to ‘stop the boats’.

It also raises serious questions regarding the French government’s dedication to the multi-million pound agreement funded by the UK.

British interior minister James Cleverly said in February that the two countries would ‘expand upon’ cooperation he said had proved successful, citing figures showing a 36-percent reduction in crossings in 2023.

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