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Today I had the honour and pleasure of interviewing author and former Deacon of the Anglican Church Paul Wallis. Paul has written an excellent series of books about the E.T and UAP phenomena called the Eden Series. This unique perspective from a former Deacon of the Church of England, and someone who studied the roots of language, has opened up the Biblical cannon to show that what we are reading are stories of E.T Visitations, human manipulation and colonisation and not stories about “God” at all. These are flesh and blood (blue) beings who come from distance planets and star systems.

His latest edition is The Invasion of Eden ‘Did our ancestors warn us about an E.T Invasion?’. I would highly recommend Paul’s entire Eden series as well as his fascinating Youtube channel and website, the 5TH Kind.

Whilst preparing for today’s Classified interview I was initially concerned with bringing up the likelihood of the global cult playing the ‘Fake Alien Invasion’ card and how this maybe a reason as to why the likes of former intelligence officer David Grusch has been pressuring the Pentagon to release any information they have on back engineered technology as well as information on recovered “off world biologics” which is just a fancy way of saying aliens or DNA.

David Grusch and Congress

David Grucsh is a “former” USAF intelligence officer of some 14 years of service, and from 2021 to 2023 he has been a Major for the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency where he says he has worked at the highest level of US intelligence.

David spoke at a congressional hearing under oath before the Congressional House Oversights SubCommittee on July 26th 2023, which is located on Capitol Hill (Capitoline Hill Rome). David and two other military veterans testified at the hearing about their individual experiences. The two military veterans besides Mr Grusch were former Navy fighter pilot Ryan Graves and retired Commander David Fravor. Graves and Fravor both gave their accounts of encounters with “Aircraft of unexplained origins’.

Now I believe that once intelligence always intelligence and I don’t just mean in terms of mindset. I mean that once you are in you never get out completely. The fact is that without naming names I believe I have interviewed many authors and researchers who are likely still involved with intelligence themselves. I believe that it would be very naive to think that you won’t be encountering intelligence agents when working in the spheres of global conspiracies journalism and research.

In fact it is well known that Tucker Carlson father Dick Carlson worked for The United States Information Agency which was an official United States Government Agency “devoted to the practice of public diplomacy which operated from 1953 to 1999”. This agency was also connected to Bill Clinton who assigned it’s cultural exchange and non broadcasting intelligence functions to the newly created “Under secretary of state for public diaplamce and public affairs”. This appears to be a long winded way of saying that it was part of media relations for the US Government.


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