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Digital IDs are being rolled out globally; from Europe to Ethiopia to Australia

Here is a collection of news items and social media posts from the last week relating to the rollout of digital identities in various countries.  But first, a brief look at who is behind the push to be able to digitally identify every person on Earth.

1. Bill Gates’ Inclusive Financial Systems: Gates’ goal is to expand access to his digital financial services to people in the lowest-income communities around the globe.

“We work with our partners to support public and private investment in digital payment infrastructure, new regulatory standards, and gender equality initiatives such as digitised government benefit payments, to ensure continued progress toward the promise of financial inclusion,” the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation webpage for its Inclusive Financial Systems states.

2. ‘Digital IDs are an effective tool against poverty’: This is the deceptive title of an article, one of the updates for Gates’ Inclusive Financial Systems mentioned above, published by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

“Digital ID systems are one of the three pillars of what’s known as digital public infrastructure (DPI); the others are digital payment systems and data exchange systems,” the article stated.

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The article goes on to note that Gates is offering his Modular Open Source Identity Platform (“MOSIP”) to all countries so they can build their own national identity systems for free.  For free?  Really? Nothing is for free. Just because Gates is not asking for money upfront, it does not mean that he is not taking something in return.

 “The original inspiration for MOSIP was India’s national digital ID system, Aadhaar, which launched in 2009. This ambitious effort would eventually enrol over 99% of all Indian adults,”  the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation said.

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