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Tempers flare as thousands of Muslims queue for Eid prayers at Manchester sports centre – after rainy weather scuppered plan to hold them outside

Tempers flared this morning as thousands of Muslims queued for Eid prayers after rainy weather forced organisers to move the event indoors instead of in a park.

Organisers of Eid in the Park in Manchester planned to host prayers in the large Platt Fields Park to mark the beginning of Aid Al Fitr following the end of Ramadan.

But the recent torrential rain and ‘waterlogged grounds’ forced them to move it indoors to the Platt Lane Complex instead.

Eid in the Park is one of the biggest gatherings of its type in the north, with more than 20,000 people believed to have attended since it began in 2017. In 2022, over 18,000 attended.

And today, thousands of people were fighting to enter the complex, with six staff members – five men and a woman – having to work together to force the entrance gate shut on the agitated crowd.

Drone footage shows the packed queue stretching on for miles, as far as it could see.

Video footage shows staff working together to push the gate closed on the massed crowd and remain holding it in place once it’s shut.

At one point, a man hits the camera and demands ‘stop recording’

There appears to be the beginning of a brawl on the other side as a man is held back and shaken before being given a talking to.

In another video, as a member of staff wedges himself in the gateway to prevent a man grasping the top of the gate from getting past, a man in the crowd says ‘this is s**t organisation you know, very s**t.’

Footage posted on X by an attendee said there are ‘only two entrances’ and arguments broke out at one where worshippers waiting to enter were ‘refusing to step back’.

Organised by the Alfurqan Mosque and Islamic Centre and Makki Masjid, Eid in the Park began from 9.30 this morning for the first of two morning Salah prayers delivered by Sheikh Mohammed Ali.

A spokesperson for the event told MailOnline: ‘Last year, we had over 20,000 attendees at the Eid al Fitr event, when the prayers were conducted in the park.

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