Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 11 April 2024

Modern Cars Enslaving Owners in Dystopic Technocratic Takeover

Modern cars produced since the mid-2010’s carry Trojan horse technologies that owners are now becoming aware of. Technology that can control where and when drivers are allowed to drive, track driver’s eyeballs, record occupant conversations, collect genetic and health information, biometrics and weight of drivers and passengers, causes auto insurance premiums to be increased and even monitor driver’s sexual activity.

In a recent video, British automotive journalist Geoff Buys Cars covered how a Hyundai Kona that underwent a software update is now subject to geofencing and geotiming, in other words, the car can now have distance and time limits set remotely by the manufacture. The terms of service for the software update state that these driving restrictions will only be activated when required by law.

“It means you’re not going to be able to drive your car beyond the limits of what the government decided that you’re allowed to drive it, so all of these conspiracies about 15 minute cities and zones and climate lockdowns, how are they going to implement them, well, probably with the geofencing capabilities that are built into these cars, using the infrastructure that they’re already installing in the roads with all the cameras and all the sensors and all the new technology that is going up,” Geoff said.

Hyundai refused to reverse the update, making the controls a permanent ‘feature’. The automotive journalist elaborated that all modern cars have the capability to do this built in, so even if a car’s software doesn’t currently allow for restrictions on driving distance, trip locations, allowable travel times, and even self driving, that control can be added in at a future date.

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