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​’We went to see our daughter get a school prize and it was handed to a boy called Tommi’

Patricia and Michael were bursting with pride that their 14-year-old daughter was in line for an essay-writing prize at her annual school awards ceremony.

They arrived early to get seats with a good view of the event, held at the end of the summer term two years ago.

The couple were already aware that the large secondary school in northern England was a proud champion of the trans-rights lobby charity Stonewall, with posters celebrating ‘LGBTQ+ diversity’ plastered over the entrance hall. But nothing could have prepared them for what happened that day.

To their shock, the child who received the prize was not their daughter Tania who had left home that morning.

Instead, a young figure in grey trousers with fair curly hair, slicked back by gel, appeared when the headteacher called up a ‘Tommi’ to the platform.

It soon dawned on the middle-class couple what was happening.

‘My daughter had changed her name and her pronouns,’ Patricia said yesterday. ‘At school, she was living as a boy and no one had told us.

‘The teachers were supporting her life-changing decision. Some staff celebrated our daughter’s changed identity behind our backs.’

‘A few had offered to put her in touch with their own adult transgender friends. She had, we discovered, become the school’s poster child for inclusivity and diversity.

‘At one stage her picture with her new name “Tommi” was displayed by teachers in the school as a fine example of a transgender pupil’s success story.’

Today, Patricia is still reeling from the experience. She has shared her family’s story with the Mail in light of the publication of the long-awaited Cass report into NHS care for gender-questioning children and adolescents — the findings of which are expected to reshape treatment for those under the age of 18.

Following this seminal review, gender-confused children will be moved away from drugs such as puberty-blockers and cross-sex hormones in favour of a more ‘holistic’ approach to treatment, focusing among other things on their mental health.

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