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Trudeau’s Dystopian Online Harms Act Makes Margaret Atwood and George Orwell Look Like Amateurs

The dangers of poorly drafted laws relating to online speech and expression were starkly revealed late this March when it emerged that a heavily pregnant businesswoman had been arrested in Nigeria, banged up in a water-flooded prison cell and threatened with a sentence of seven years behind bars and a £2.8m fine in damages – all for the heinous crime of criticising a tin of a local tomato purée product online.

Chioma Okoli, 39, reportedly said the purée in question – which I shan’t name here, for fear of being immediately beheaded by overseas operatives from the Tomato Blasphemy Dept. of Boko Haram – was “too sweet” for her tastes, leading to her being contacted by a man claiming (possibly figuratively, using local Nigerian slang) to be the “brother” of the businessman who made the stuff and told to stop complaining about it to her 18,000 followers on the internet.

To this request, Okoli replied: “Help me advise your brother to stop ki**ing [‘killing’, presumably] people with his product, yesterday was my first time of using and it’s pure sugar.” The company owner deemed this statement to be somehow defamatory in nature – I guess he took the insinuation that his tomatoes were “killing” customers literally? – saying that, as it had gone viral online, it had since cost him oodles of custom.

For carelessly expressing this heinous viewpoint in such a reckless public fashion, Okoli was subsequently charged in both criminal and civil suits with severe offences like “instigating [public opinion against] Erisco Foods Limited, knowing the said information to be false”. After all, no matter how much sugar the tins may or may not have contained, they did not literally represent a real-life Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, did they?

The Nigerian Police Force put out the following solemn statement about the whole affair on Twitter:

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