Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 10 April 2024

Some May Conspire Podcast – EP6 Satanic Castles and Ancient Rituals

Whilst much of my recent research and writings have covered the more contemporary world with such topics as Epstein’s Crimes, Hollywoods Occultists and underground bases in New Mexico.

All of these topics have one undercurrent theme, and that is one of ancient Saturn worship and the use of ancient rituals to either compromise those allowed to sit in places of “power” on the global world stage, or at their most depraved they are believed to be a way of feeding demonic entities and opening up doorways for them from the 4th Lower Dimensions.

Some call these entities Demons, others call them Archons, Djinn or fallen angels.

The Fear Factor

This Saturn Death Cult is believed to have hidden in the shadows, controlling, building, dismantling and reconstructing the world over thousands of years. It is an age old Agenda for global domination and a return to the Golden Age. A time when the planet Saturn ruled our sky bathing us in a predominately purple haze.

A time of abundance of food, stability of climate and warmth and all the fruit and vegetables we would ever need. This was what those of a biblical inclination would call Eden.

And then Saturn abandoned Malkuth (Earth/Matter) and everything changed for the inhabitants of planet earth. Our new Sun (Ra) came closer to planet Earth, giving us the seasons we have today, and along with that we now had precarious weather changes, storms, floods and ultimately a fear of not having enough.

To placate this new found Fear, the priest class of the day in such places as Ancient Egypt, India and Mesopotamia began to try to appease their Gods who appeared to be fighting in the sky (Titans). They unfortunately believed that these Gods craved human sacrifice as we see in the story of Moloch and Saturn/Kronos himself.

This was how these ancients appeased their unpredictable “Gods”.

This practice morphed and warped itself into twisted ceremonies that may still take place today, in the stone pyramids, private lodges, underground bases, private parks, private islands and underground cities all over the world today.


The Dream

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