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New Zealand: Coroner ignores critical information in deciding the cause of a child’s death following a ‘covid’ injection

Ten days after receiving a covid mRNA “vaccine,” a 13-year-old boy in New Zealand died suddenly from myocarditis, a known side effect of the injections.

The coroner ruled that he couldn’t determine the exact cause of death, as viral particles could not be ruled out as a cause. The ruling failed to consider the larger scientific context and the need to analyse data from the entire population. Access to this data has been denied to New Zealanders; the coroner should have acknowledged this fact.

Many experts have been warning about the risks of heart disease and cancer following covid vaccination. Some have been warning of these effects since as early as 2021. But these experts were ridiculed and cancelled.

As for the coroner’s reasoning regarding the presence of viral particles, Dr. Guy Hatchard explains why it is not unusual for viral particles to be found in a person’s body; they are found in almost everyone.

The New Zealand Herald reported on 2 April the ruling of the coroner Robin Kay in the case of a healthy 13-year-old boy who died suddenly as a result of myocarditis (heart inflammation) 10 days after covid-19 mRNA vaccination.

Despite the fact that myocarditis is a known and recognised side effect of covid mRNA vaccination, the coroner said he couldn’t decide what the exact cause of death was because, on the advice of “experts,” he couldn’t rule out the possibility that the myocarditis was caused by viral particles.

Evaluating the Coroner’s Decision: The Need for Scientific Rigor in Judging Individual Cases
It is true that in an individual and tragic case of young sudden death such as this, there will always be an element of doubt, so was there doubt in this case, and what should the coroner have said in his judgement?

The coroner’s ruling omitted to reference the established process of science in deciding the balance of probabilities in individual cases. When faced with the outcome of a single individual case, science looks closely at the bigger picture and analyses a large number of statistically representative outcomes among the wider population. This enables a more precise probability of cause to be assessed.

In this case, a comparison of covid vaccination status among the cases of death and hospitalisation in the whole New Zealand population should be made. The coroner should have noted, as the Hatchard Report has informed the Health Minister, that not only has this not been undertaken in New Zealand but that the process has been blocked by the government working in tandem with the allopathic medical establishment.

The coroner should have ruled that access to public health data relevant to the case before him had been denied for no good reason.

Such cases of wilful blindness are not unknown in science. The theory of general relativity discovered by Albert Einstein was rejected by the Nazi state, despite decisive evidence verifying it, and outlawed from German science since its architect was Jewish. In other words, the power and policy of the state took precedence over the evidence of science.

Are we brushing up against this perilous situation in little New Zealand? If so, how did we get here and what should we do to rectify the situation?

Concerns Over Long-Term Health Risks of mRNA Vaccines: Expert Warnings and the Rising Incidence of Serious Diseases
As we have been reporting repeatedly for three years now, the mRNA covid vaccine carries risks of a long-term increase in the incidence of heart disease and cancer. You can read a summary of the very concerning cancer statistics in the Australian Spectator provocatively entitled ‘Catherine and Cancer’. The article concludes with the depressing thought that there appears to be no end in sight to the epidemic of cancers which began to rise rapidly starting in 2021 way above and beyond the prior trend.

In fact, a significant number of eminent biochemists, geneticists and medical experts warned back in 2021 that we would be facing unprecedented rises in heart disease and cancers following mRNA covid-19 vaccination. These included, for example, leading US cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough and Belgian vaccinologist Geert Vanden Bossche, who, along with many others, published scholarly analyses of mRNA vaccine safety, both of whom and their colleagues were promptly cancelled and wrongly ridiculed as conspiracy theorists by orthodox mainstream institutions (see HERE and HERE).

As their dire predictions are now showing up in public health data, if science is followed, they should be vindicated and publicly lauded.

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