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Jobsworth traffic warden sparks outrage after handing RNLI volunteers £100 parking fines while they were busy saving lives at sea (and despite them displaying their £2,000-a-year permits)

A traffic warden sparked outrage in a seaside town – by giving parking fines to the crew of a RNLI lifeboat while they were at sea dealing with an emergency.

The four volunteers for the Weymouth RNLI in Dorset had legally parked their vehicles close to the lifeboat station so they could respond to the shout quickly.

Despite having valid parking permits – which cost £2,000 a year each – and an RNLI lifeboat crew sticker displayed in their windscreens, a council traffic warden still issued them with £100 fines.

The RNLI crew spent four hours dealing with the 999 call to assist three paddle boarders reported to be in difficulty in Portland Harbour.

They returned to the quayside station to find four cars – a silver BMW, a grey Mitsubishi, a white Citroen van and a blue VW Transporter – had yellow parking fines pinned to their windscreens.

According to a witness, when challenged the traffic warden claimed the RNLI sticker and the council-issued permits could have been forgeries.

RNLI crew member Leon Weaver said: ‘Thanks Dorset Council for issuing 4 volunteer lifeboat crew’s vehicles with parking tickets whilst on an emergency call out, even with permits on the windscreens which they charge us £2,000 a year for.

‘The traffic warden stated that anyone could have printed the RNLI crew stickers, signs and council issued permits so they will just have to contest them, not my problem.’

Nick Critchell, a spokesperson for the Weymouth RNLI, said: ‘Parking in the town is always difficult especially in the holiday season, but we do have parking permits for on-street parking for the guys to park on the streets in that area.

‘We always display the RNLI crew on-a-shout stickers as well as the permit just in case one doesn’t get seen.

‘As far as I am aware the cars were parked where they should have been while they dealt with a potential catastrophe at sea. They weren’t on yellow lines or in and disabled bays.

‘This was an emergency and they parked as close to the station as they could.

‘Our aim is to launch the lifeboat within 10 mins of being asked to by the coastguard. If we have to park further away then that is going to cause more delay with cold costs lives.’

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