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I was turned down for a job that I was perfect for – because I didn’t wear makeup to the interview

A job hunter has claimed she was rejected for a position that she was perfectly suited to – all because she did not wear makeup for the interview.

Melissa Weaver, 30, from New York, revealed in a recent TikTok that she had applied for a role as vice-president of HR at a tech company, but says she was rejected after the recruiter deemed she ‘hadn’t put enough effort’ into her appearance.

The video prompted outrage from Ms Weaver’s followers, many of whom noted that her experience is clear evidence that ‘pretty privilege is real’.

Some even urged her to sue the unnamed company, however Ms Weaver noted in a follow-up video that, while it is illegal in the US to discriminate as a recruiter based on age, race, gender, religion or sexuality, employers can make a decision based on appearance.

In the clip which has now amassed over 700,000 views, the job-hunter said: ‘Does not wearing makeup, for women, to job interviews or to jobs make it seem like they aren’t putting as much effort or care into their job?’

She went on to explain that she was all the more flabbergasted by the decision because she had been told her ‘background was exactly what they were looking for’, she had the right level of experience and her personal goals aligned with the company’s.

After being laid off from her last job in December, Ms Weaver was delighted to secure this interview three months later, and said it went ‘so well’.

‘Every question she had, I had a great answer for,’ she explained.

She added: ‘I used to work in recruitment. I know how to interview.’

However, after being both ‘bummed’ and ‘very confused’ by not getting to the next stage, the 30-year-old asked for feedback.

With appearance given as the reason for her rejection, by process of elimination she deduced this meant she should have worn makeup.

‘I did a blowout for my hair, I had on a nice top, a blazer, some earrings, but I only put on Chapstick, I didn’t have any makeup,’ she revealed.

‘I don’t really wear a lot of makeup, not to be quirky, I just don’t.

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