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Watch: E-bike Explodes at London Train Station

Four people narrowly escaped injury after an e-bike exploded during rush hour at a London train station. The Telegraph has more.

Footage shows the stationary bicycle starting to smoke and then burst into flames, scattering pieces over the platform. …

It comes after a series of electric vehicle explosions.

Last month an electric-powered tricycle caught fire while parked outside Buckingham Palace.

Meanwhile, shocking footage in March also showed a faulty e-bike exploding in a block of flats in Roehampton.

It was previously reported that electric bikes have caused a record number of fires in New York City. According to figures released by the New York Fire Department, e-bikes were responsible for 267 fires in the city during 2023, claiming 18 lives and causing 150 injuries, with fatalities increasing 200% (i.e., threefold) compared to the previous year.

During January, three electric bus fires were reported in London alone.

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