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Boeing, Boeing, gone! Plagued by daily mechanical failures and warnings a deadly disaster is inevitable amid a ruinous obsession with diversity targets… just what IS going on at world’s most famous aviation firm?

A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 made an emergency landing at Denver International Airport on Sunday after part of the engine blew off – the latest in a litany of safety disasters for the aviation giant.

Indeed, it seems like every day brings a new mechanical failure for the firm, employing 170,000 people worldwide, that has left it facing an existential crisis and shaken its reputation for safety.

Since the turn of the year and near-fatal blowout in early January on an Alaskan Airlines flight, the £90billion company has seen its troubled 737 Max line suffer one mishap after another.

The company has even had to deal with the death of a whistleblower who claimed the firm was hiding institutional malpractice – and who killed himself just days after giving evidence to a corporate lawsuit brought against Boeing.

It has also been accused of letting safety lapse as it obsesses over ‘woke’ diversity targets in staffing, as well as over-paying executives working from home.

Current CEO Dave Calhoun announced last month he would be stepping down at the end of this year in a management overhaul, with share prices plunging.

And passengers are said to be deliberately changing flights to avoid Boeing’s fleet or travelling with anti-anxiety medication.

The descent into disaster for Boeing began back in 2018 when a total of 346 people died in two crashes involving Boeing’s flagship 737 MAX aircraft, on a Lion Air flight in Indonesia in October 2018 and one operated by Ethiopian Airlines the following March.

Those prompted the grounding of all Boeing 737 airlines for 21 months but hazardous glitches have continued to affect journeys on a near-daily basis, the latest coming yesterday when an engine cowling fell off a plane in the US.

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