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Western taxpayers are funding the global rollout of the controligarchs’ surveillance and control system

Dozens of national governments, along with the United Nations and Bill Gates, are collaborating on a global initiative called “50 in 5” to implement a “digital public infrastructure” within five years.

This infrastructure includes central bank digital currencies, digital identification, comprehensive data systems and more, all aimed at functioning across national borders. It will enable total surveillance and control of people, with every transaction being tracked and controlled.

The program is guided by the United Nations and various elitists, including Bill Gates and the Rockefellers, with funding from US and European taxpayers.

UN and Bill Gates Behind “Digital Public Infrastructure” for Global Control

By Alex Newman as published by Frontline News

Dozens of national governments are joining with the United Nations and billionaire population-control fanatic Bill Gates on a global program to impose “digital public infrastructure” (“DPI”) on their citizens within five years. This “DPI” includes central bank digital currencies (“CBDCs”), digital identification (“digital ID”), comprehensive data systems and more, all functional across national borders.

The new scheme, unveiled late last year and moving ahead rapidly, is known as “50 in 5” because 50 governments expect to have the Orwellian “digital infrastructure” of tyranny in place within five years. Almost a dozen governments, including numerous corrupt kleptocracies and socialist regimes, have volunteered their populations to serve as “First Mover” countries so far.

However, the UN’s assumption is that every government will eventually impose this on every person on Earth. This is clearly expressed throughout its announcements. “All countries, regardless of income level, geography, or where they are in their digital transformation journey, can benefit from being a part of 50-in-5,” the UN agency behind the scheme declared. “Joining the campaign helps ensure countries don’t have to tackle DPI implementation alone or start from scratch.”

Led by the UN Development Programme (“UNDP”), the new “digital infrastructure” is being framed as a tool to accelerate the imposition of the highly controversial UN’s 2030 Agenda “Sustainable Development Goals” (“SDGs”), referred to in 2015 by key UN leaders as the “Master Plan for Humanity.” The SDGs, as they are known, call for global wealth redistribution and drastically more government power over people’s lives at all levels. The mass-murdering regime ruling China boasted of playing a “crucial role” in developing the plan.

Gates, who had a troubling relationship with convicted child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, celebrated the role of these technologies in imposing the UN SDGs on humanity. “The G20 reached a groundbreaking consensus on the role of digital public infrastructure as a critical accelerator of the Sustainable Development Goals,” he said on Twitter. “I’m optimistic about the potential of DPI to support a safer, healthier, and more just world.”

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