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The UN’s Vision of ‘Human Rights’ – The Right to Do Exactly What You’re Told

Stop me if I’m wrong, but we all get the feeling, I think, that we are hurtling down a highway at a rapidly accelerating speed. But where does that highway lead? What is it that we are hurtling towards?

For clues, it is helpful to keep an eye on what is being discussed at the United Nations, whose officials are not accountable to electorates, and who therefore do not have to even pay lip service to the exigencies of domestic politics. Their interest is purely in the internal politics of the organisation which they work for: pleasing not electorates, but the ‘selectorates’ on whom they rely to keep themselves gainfully employed (and, crucially, funded). Their statements are therefore highly indicative with respect to the ideology which imbues what we might call the global governance set.

And it is important to make clear that it is an ideology; these people are true believers. They are not conspirators – they are (though they would obviously not describe themselves with this word) disciples. They present their ideology as perfectly sensible and reasonable, and indeed to them it undoubtedly seems that way. In their heads it is not an ideology at all, but merely the product of a decent education, good heart and pure mind. But when examined in detail, it is revealed in all of its strange extremism. It is an ideology that it is appropriate to label a variant of liberalism, in that it presents the central task of government as being indeed to ‘liberate’. But this is a form of liberation that paradoxically involves the total control of state over society: the micromanagement of each and every interaction performed by each and every individual with anybody and everybody else.

The good news is that this nightmarish vision can never achieve full implementation. The bad news is that we are on a trajectory towards it all the same – and a huge amount of damage will be done before the madness clears. We are not, in other words, heading towards a collision with a wall, but we are going to have to keep our fingers crossed that the vehicle on which we are riding maintains its physical integrity for long enough to get back to a cruising speed and change course.

Let me, then, take you through the recent ‘vision statement’ of Volker Türk, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, offered at the culmination of the UN human rights apparatus’s year-long celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Türk is a consummate insider – if he ever had a job outside of the UN I can find no information about it anywhere (though I suppose it’s conceivable he once had a paper round) – and is great mates with the UN Secretary-General himself, Antonio Guterres. You couldn’t, in other words, find a better exemplar of what I earlier called the global governance set. And in this statement, delivered precisely to his ‘selectorate’ of diplomats, UN rentiers and sinecurists, and NGOs (no ordinary person will come within a 10 foot pole’s length of reading it) he is providing the perfect insight into the ideology to which I am referring.

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