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Professor Anita Baxas: Alternative, Integrative Cancer Treatments

The tidal wave of turbo cancers after the Covid jabs is wreaking havoc on people’s lives, particularly in younger people who are getting cancers rarely seen in that age group before the jabs. Surely big pharma and oncologists are salivating over the billions of dollars they can make using their toxic treatment methods such as chemotherapy and radiation.

Cancer is the bogeyman everybody fears. A cancer diagnosis and prognosis usually turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy because we believe cancer will cause our death. A doctor telling a patient the bad news causes a nocebo effect and puts the Law of Attraction to work. If the patient believes that he will die, he will die. It is quite unnecessary to die from cancer. It is also not true that cancer can’t be cured. What kills most patients is not the cancer but their belief and the treatment—orthodox treatment, that is. Oncologists expose patients to many sessions of chemotherapy, killing first and foremost the immune system and the gut—the two most important tissues necessary for the body to fight cancer. After stuffing the patient with chemicals, they irradiate them. Radiation too kills the immune system and the gut and causes massive free-radical damage. The only treatment that can be beneficial in certain cases is the surgical removal of a tumor that causes physical problems because of its size or because it is pressing on a nerve or blood vessel or causing an obstruction. In other cases, surgery is risky because it helps spread cancer cells all around. Biopsies are just as risky because they spread cancer cells too.

There have existed natural treatments for cancer long before today, but insane laws prohibit doctors from openly discussing them without risking losing their right to practice. I compiled a list of natural cancer treatments that, when used in combination, can heal cancer.

The main reason for cancer is toxic chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis in water, food, air, personal care products, household cleaning products and so much more. By the time you reach midlife, your body has accumulated a load of toxins. Add to those bad nutritional habits, eating stuff that doesn’t deserve being called “food,” like processed items that are kept on the shelf for five years, and your body doesn’t get the right nutrients it needs to function properly. On top of that, you most likely have dysbiosis in your gut, your immune system is going all haywire, and your liver is groaning under a load of toxins. Then there comes a point when your body is no longer able to prevent cancer cells from growing and spreading because it is bogged down with detoxifying all the chemicals you are exposed to, and your immune system is busy fighting body tissues and food because of a leaky gut. Now, on top of all that, the extremely toxic Covid jab is exacerbating the situation in unprecedented ways and impact.

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