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Oliver Dowden claims it is ‘not appropriate’ to publish government’s view on whether Israel is breaking international law in Gaza, a week after top Tory claims government lawyers believe it is breaking ‘international humanitarian law’

The deputy prime minister has claimed it is ‘not appropriate’ to publish the Government’s legal advice on whether Israel has broken international law in its devastating invasion of the Gaza Strip, just weeks after a top Tory claimed lawyers believe it had.

The government is currently being pressured to stop selling arms to Israel, and the Cabinet appears to be split over whether to carry on.

Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden told Times Radio on Sunday: ‘It hasn’t been the case that we publish legal advice. We carry out these assessments continuously. These are sensitive diplomatic relationships.

‘So it’s not appropriate to publish it. [But] we’ve got one of the toughest arms control regimes in the world. We’re holding Israel to a very, very high standard’.

But Lord David Cameron, the Foreign Secretary, said on the same day in the Sunday Times that while Israel had a right to self-defence, the UK’s backing was ‘not unconditional.’

He added: ‘We expect such a proud and successful democracy to abide by international humanitarian law, even when challenged in this way.’

The split in the cabinet comes a week after leaked audio revealed a top Tory claiming that the government’s lawyers already believed Israel was breaking international law.

Alicia Kearns, chair of the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, made the comments at a Tory fundraising event on March 13.

In the leaked recording, she can be heard saying: ‘The Foreign Office has received official legal advice that Israel has broken international humanitarian law but the government has not announced it.’

She added: ‘They have not said it, they haven’t stopped arms exports.

‘They have done a few very small sanctions on Israeli settlers – and everyone internationally is agreed that settlers are illegal, that they shouldn’t be doing what they’re doing, and the ways in which they have continued and the money that’s been put in.’

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