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Blending Reality: The WEF Calls for Creation of Metaverse Identity in Latest Push for Digital Dystopia

By Derrick Broze for The Last American Vagabond.

The latest report from the World Economic Forum outlines a vision of the blending of the physical world with the virtual metaverse dystopia, and claims digital identity is a necessary step in this direction.

On March 12, the World Economic Forum released a new report titled, Metaverse Identity: Defining the Self in a Blended Reality which is ostensibly aimed at exploring the apparent need for a “metaverse identity”. The document, written in partnership with corporate firm Accenture, calls for “collaborative, interdisciplinary strategy to navigate identity challenges”. The metaverse is a term that is commonly meant to describe the future of the internet, where digital and physical worlds intersect.

“The metaverse, poised to redefine the internet, intertwines the digital and physical, emphasizing the pivotal role of “identity” in shaping immersive, human-centric experiences,” the report states.

The WEF report features insights from 150 “global experts”, including executives from Amazon, Microsoft, PayPal, Sony, LEGO, Meta, Magic Leap, Mastercard, Walmart, Qualcomm, and Google. Other contributors include representatives of The Atlantic Council, the U.S. National Institutes of Health, the United Nations, Council of the European Union, European Council, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates Government.

The new report is building off an effort launched by the WEF in May 2022 known as the “Defining and Building the Metaverse Initiative”. The WEF says this initiative is focused on an “integrated approach to the development and governance of the metaverse”.

As is typical with WEF reports, this one is replete with the usual buzzwords about the need to build a metaverse that is “responsible, equitable, inclusive, diverse and accessible”. The WEF also pays lip service to protecting privacy in the metaverse.

“As the convergence of extended reality (XR) technologies blur the boundaries between physical and virtual worlds, it becomes imperative to address the topic of “identity” to ensure an inclusive, equitable, accessible, secure and privacy-preserving metaverse,” the report states.

In regards to the metaverse, the WEF’s version of equity and inclusion is about ensuring that each person has the opportunity to create a digital avatar as realistic or cartoonish as they prefer. They claim that the key to redefining identity systems is “creating inclusive, diverse digital presentation in a new medium… that may mirror real-world aspects of identity or embrace entirely new, imaginative forms”.

However, when we take a closer look at the nature of this “blended reality” we can see that the WEF is describing the same future dystopian vision promoted by WEF Founder Klaus Schwab under the name the 4th Industrial Revolution, or, more recently, The Great Reset.

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