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Wait till they put food behind locked doors unless you have the right ‘code’: Morrisons becomes first British store to install thousands of AI-powered cameras alongside ‘buzz for booze’ buttons – as Sainsbury’s deploys facial recognition security cabinets to ‘stop shoplifting’ (Problem-Reaction-Solution)

Morrisons has become Britain’s first supermarket chain to install thousands of AI-powered cameras across its stores in an attempt to help staff fill shelves faster.

The retailer has teamed up with an AI firm based in Seattle called Focal Systems, and trials reportedly found the devices boost availability and make staff more efficient.

The cameras monitoring shelves have four categories – showing ‘OOS’ for out of stock; ‘PLANO’ for planogram non-compliance – when something is not in the right place; ‘LOW’ for low stock; and ‘RESTOCKED’ when a product is back on the shelf.

This data is then fed to applications that work out where shelves need restocking – and the idea behind the project is that staff become aware more quickly where stocks are running low, which can free them up to focus more on customer service.

Focal Systems claims its technology can automate all decision-making in store – but the move suggests supermarkets could become less reliant on human staff in future.

Morrisons is understood to have seen better availability in stores involved in the pilot of the tech, which has already been used at thousands of Walmart shops in Canada.

Former Carrefour boss Rami Baitieh, who was appointed Morrisons chief executive last September, believes improving availability is a key part of improving his stores.

And a Morrisons source told MailOnline: ‘It is exciting on the one hand and something staff are becoming aware of.

‘The trials are thought to have been successful and people have seen benefits and good results.

‘But that is a fear for the future of retail staff? Is this a sign of the future? Where does it leave people?’

The Bradford-based chain has nearly 500 stores across Britain and is hoping to install the AI cameras in them before the end of the year, reported The Grocer.

Toby Pickard, global insight leader at the Institute of Grocery Distribution, told the publication: ‘This is an interesting technology advancement by Morrisons, that should help enhance the in-store shopping experience and improve its operations.

‘Over recent years, IGD has seen many retailers trialling shelf-edge cameras to monitor stock availability. What is most surprising about this initiative is the speed at which they are moving from trial to full rollout.

‘It is aiming to have the solution in every store by the end of summer, which implies the trials have been successful.’

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