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What happens when you speak truth to the Tory Party – and it would be the same with Labour and the others: Former Tory minister faces investigation after being accused of using ‘anti-Semitic tropes’ by calling MPs pro-Israel ‘extremists’

A Tory former Foreign Office minister is under investigation after he was accused of using ‘anti-Semitic tropes’.

Sir Alan Duncan criticised a number of MPs and peers for their support of Israel.

He accused the Conservative Friends of Israel group of ‘doing the bidding of Netanyahu’ and exercising ‘undue influence at the top of government’.

And he said Security Minister Tom Tugendhat should be sacked over previous comments on Israel’s building of settlements.

Sir Alan also called for Suella Braverman to lose the Tory whip after she said ‘plentiful food packages’ were getting to the people of Gaza.

The Tories launched an investigation in response to the comments in an interview on LBC.

It is likely to take a number of weeks to conclude and could result in his expulsion from the party.

In the interview yesterday, Sir Alan said: ‘There are a lot of people at the top of our own politics who refuse to condemn settlements and therefore are not supporters of international law.

‘I think the time has come to flush out those extremists in our own parliamentary politics and around it.

‘The Conservative Friends of Israel has been doing the bidding of Netanyahu, bypassing all proper processes of government to exercise undue influence at the top of government.

‘So what you have is a lot of people now sitting around Rishi Sunak who are giving him appalling advice. Let’s start with the head of CFI – or has been for many years – Lord Polak.

‘In my view, I think he should be removed from the Lords because he is exercising the interests of another country, not that of the parliament in which he sits, joined I have to say by Lord Pickles. They’re the sort of Laurel and Hardy who should be pushed out together.’

Lord Polak, who is Jewish, served as director of the Conservative Friends of Israel for 26 years and is now its honorary president while Lord Pickles chairs the group in the Lords and is also the UK special envoy for post-Holocaust issues.

Sir Alan also said: ‘If you pick up Wikipedia, and you read the entry for Tom Tugendhat, who is our security minister, it says and I’ll read it out: “He condemned the United Nations Security Council for its official criticism of Israel’s building settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.”

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