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Amazon’s pay-by-palm app turbo charges collection of personal biometric data

Amazon recently launched an app that allows users to sign up for their biometric payment service from their homes.  This is despite Amazon’s pay-by-palm technology, introduced in 2020, raising concerns among privacy experts due to the lack of accountability for big tech companies in protecting personal information.

When Amazon first announced in 2020 that it was rolling out its pay-by-palm technology, several privacy experts sounded the alarm, with some calling it a “terrible idea” because there are few laws to hold big tech accountable for keeping Americans’ sensitive personal information safe, or from preventing them from selling it to others or abusing it in other ways.

But that hasn’t stopped people from using it. Amazon palm scanners are found in numerous retail locations across America and have been used over 8 million times.  The benefit for users, according to Amazon, is convenience.

In reality, those who signed up to use the biometric payment service most likely helped to train Amazon’s palm-based identification, which is another pebble in the growing rock pile of big tech-enabled, Orwell-style digital enslavement.

In the video below, after describing how generative artificial intelligence was used to train its program, Amazon’s Just Walk Out vice president Gerard Medioni said that palm-scanning has “an accuracy, which is 1,000 times higher than face recognition and 100 times more accurate than two irises.”

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