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Fury After New £1.2 Million Cycle Lane ‘Kills’ Suburb by ‘Crippling Trade’


A controversial new cycle lane, costing £1.2 million, has sparked anger among local shop owners who claim it’s severely impacting their businesses. The Mail has more.

Business owners in Castleton, Greater Manchester claim a new bike path is preventing customers from parking on the road and near their stores.

The cycle lane, which covers both sides of a stretch of Manchester Road, cost £1.2 million and is part of a wider £4.4 million scheme of road improvements.

It took around 18 months to build but despite the time and money put into the path, local shopkeepers say it has killed off their businesses.

Mark Foster, 46, has owned the New Bridge chip shop for more than 20 years but says work on the cycle lane has battered his business and led to a 50% drop in trade.

He said: “As soon as they started digging up the road, there was four-way temporary traffic lights and massive traffic jams, so people were just avoiding the area.

“Even during the construction, there’s not been anywhere to park so our trade has dropped by around 50%.

“The council said that businesses wouldn’t be affected, but obviously they have.” …

Stephen Thomas, 60, owns Smith’s Bakery And Confectioners Ltd, but has been forced to close one of his branches because of the lack of footfall. …

Local resident Julie Jones, 55, thinks the cycle lane is “not a good idea” because she “never sees cyclists” using it.

She said: “I just live near the main road where it all happened.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea because you don’t see cyclists using it at all.

“I think I’ve only seen around three cyclists using it during this time, most people use the canal.

“I saw two people cycling up the road earlier but one person was using the pavement and another was using the main road.”

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